FedEx Earnings: FDX Stock Soars 9% on Strong Q4

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We've got an earnings alert on dined you by the way Arnie's alert on Fedex the stocks touring the after our session. Let's get to Frank Colin who's got all the details Frank Melissa. Dollar beat on EPS. grout margin also surprising to the upside for the segment that's been handling much that increased demand due to cove in nineteen becks ground, seeing volumes increased by twenty three percent, but much of that was that less profitable. B. To C. operating merging falling year year because that beat AC- increase average revenue per piece, falling as well, but I'm at from Deutsche Bank echoing the sentiments of many others on the street, shock and awe in a good way, people were bracing for something like six or seven percent margin for ground, the express margins more than doubled sequentially. The CAP x number is also very very positive, because one of the this company is that they've been overspending on cap ex. Ex Fedex as becks will be around four point, nine dollars in fiscal, twenty, twenty, one, a one billion dollar decline the company, saying every single line item was impacted by in nineteen that include a one hundred and twenty five million dollar increase in operating cost much of that the by e for employees Fedex also declined to offer full year guidance because of the uncertainty of the pandemic, and after hours ups, also of five percent, both companies, seeing a boost in volume ups, also a first mover on a surcharge for large retail customers, a move expected to generate fifty million for ups in June alone Fedex. Just starting that surcharge on June eighth. We'll have to watch and see how that turns out. To you frank, thank. You! Frank, Collin the latest on Fedex. Steve Crossover better than expected quarter bigger-than-expected move as predicted by the options market here by the way in the act hours.

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