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We'll get back inside rally part gp sears a onetwothree top of the first in his return as a professional back the mountains here and his former college home of the citadel now right hater tony dubrow will try to match the strong start from the south carolina cell debris taking the hill in what will be his fourth start of this young season for the firefly's thus far all in one of the seven point five three yarra is struck out an impressive twenty but also has come along with nine walks in fourteen and a third innings to start the year so the brel the native johns creek georgia six right hater step on the bump let's give you the sunbelt rentals river dogs starting lineup for this game for match up river docks trying to win the series and take three out of four wilkerson garcia is the shortstop he'll bat leadoff for dogs the venezuelan switch hitter he'll be by waldo cabrera a second batting second stephen essentially is the power hitting rightfielder into three hole dalton blazer will follow in the cleanup spot played first base leonardo melina is hitting fifth playing left pablo ali varas to follow in these six elise the center fielder the bottom three in the order for acting manager dan reto side it is the catcher in water novice the d h jason lopez and third baseman david metzker tony debris the fourth round pick it at kennesaw state by the new york mets last summer get set to face wilkerson garcia entering lazy to thirteen battle with a pair of home runs and four rbi garcia who has had impressive series really impressive week these last few days she swings to the.

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