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The bureau of motor vehicles all all out. We've been pushing it for the last two blocks now. Look irma. when we get inside you tell them on in the motor vehicle department that you want immediate action but say well just just tell him that you think it's about time something is done to protect girls like you from swindlers like dirt cheap dugan and that it's up to the city to press charges. Is that clear channel. Let's see. I think it's about time. Press charges against girls like me and it's up to the city to do it dirt cheap. Let me do the talking. come on. let's go a. How can i help you find. This young lady bought a used car from dirt. Cheap dugan for three hundred and eighty dollars and the kind of phrase. My chicken has been plucked as soon as you mentioned dirt. Cheap and i understand the situation but unfortunately it doesn't come under our jurisdiction. Sorry oh come on. Kids know maybe i can do some. You've done enough for one day. Just go on homer and stay there. Don't buy anything. don't look at anything. Just sit there until i come back. Are you going to stop by and talk to richard. Maybe he can tell me a way to get our money back okay. Jane come on chicken. I'll drive you back to the huff but this time when you drive backwards thank some things fell off the car on the way down here and look for.

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