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On the the podcast bourbons kick it. It was i got like hit a fourteen. Different teams of people trying to sell me mushrooms. Different people like do you need some. I got some hydrated. You wanna t them home. Do you want to drive them. Yourself and i was like okay. We're onto something. But i say what the fuck did we talk about. And then episodes. They're going to mushrooms from instagram. they would do that. Yeah so. I don't know what that was not do that. We've got to be a friend. Cal man georgia southern university which is in the middle of fucking we talked about buck know. We talked about last time. No no no statesborough near savannah stuck on milledgeville. It's also fucking nowhere. True is also a little tiny college. Georgia was pre bego Middle georgia state college. Adam would there. okay. That's why i've been there. I've i've had good times good times but excuse me but i did go to school there. Barrel oh yes. Did you know that. I lost my train of thought counts. Guys went the reason that you just recap what we're talking about. That see. i told you were going to be best friends i did. I did for a second. What else she's recap recap forgot. Forgotten back on it. You're ready to be one of my best friends. Yeah right. I mean we already know this cool pals yes so there is cows everywhere fields everywhere outside of the city so like my friends used to go pick mushrooms and then they would. They had these. Jeez were. I never went. Because i was i. Don't i'm scared. I ain't going to someone else's property was he was scared. I was just like fucking. I'll just pay for not worth my time. You know what i mean. That was that. I should say that. It's not worth walking through shit in certain time fun now. Well not for me. It was for the enjoyed the effects of eating them. Yeah but yes. They will have the shakers kicker. She's so their genes from their knees down shit stain. The go out there and it's like fuck pick mushrooms. I get your boots on the waiters. Yeah so that was a big thing. When i was in college mushrooms because they were everywhere easily accessible people go pick it up like shocked like former coming out. Get off my get out of here. Yeah i don't blame him like fuck off my lane going scare my cat or i mean even liability for them like you. Break your ankle on someone else's property and you're like fuck man. I haven't no mushrooms. Is i was in college. I did not against them. I just i like you. I mean like he's got things got to well. There's this fair all the time. it was just like hey. There's this mushrooms everywhere it's not even like a big deal eat mushrooms from the public's all the time yeah they don't fuck you up or whatever but they tastes good. Yeah you eat these particular ones. They make you fucking transcendent reality. That's cool but dropping avail. Yeah but you don't have to go process them or go see creepy dude by. She's like they're just does it right there. Yeah this do. I let them drive for a second this off the florida american flag. The right there. Just pick them and think. Yeah you know what i mean. So it wasn't like very weird Thanks for sarah was on accident talking about that. We got kool aid from. We did either my fridge by my roommate grape. Yes yeah yeah so room. I have been out like hanging out at the bars or at a party or something. Whatever i'm thirsty came home. Drunk became home drunk. Yeah don't judge me. I was in college. I was like twenty something. I want some purple drank. Yeah so i came home. And i was like whatever i'll drink water or a glass of water to open a frigerator. There's like one of those plastic jugs hand kool-aid a roommate me. Kuwait candidates got what was big ass. Plastic cups filled. The medium are playing five grams later. I don't even know yes. This is the first time. So like i was playing tekken which is a fighting playstation game played in pep pep. There's much people around. And all of a sudden these mother fuckers star. that's getting closer put the controller. Alan like unintentional drugged myself. I looked at the hospital bro. Something's wrong with me. he's like what's up. I was like man. Everything looks really cool. Something they write it a right right normal. I look at it and i was like reality isn't right because what i said to me. I was not right but it's not right. I mean he's drink that purple kool aid. I was like i did. He's like you're cool man. He's like dude that was shrew may look like two seconds long pause like pick up the controller. What because i didn't know what was happening. You just have like jello shots. Whatever the fuck you have a college. I don't the night i'll remember the alcoho- river coming home because the rest of the night was just par for the course for beating college coming home. I remember that and then like ask well as free fuck out did expect it and then i was like well. This bill was mass tracers. Yeah yeah it was just like it will be the day when it comes to alcohol the versus being like. I'm going to just throw alcohol in a glass and throw an automatic mixer into it and then you have someone who knows how to make a drink. That's much better way better way better. They have a spiritual experience the first hour mushrooms also unintentional front attention so but it was also had a tech experience. I had a great experience. Those also drunk. Yeah so like you know. it'd be kind of interesting. Yeah it depends on how you use like. You could use a four recreational drugs or you could use them for mind altering experiences like set was set in tension satin setting said setting right setting intention. Yeah so litter had zero attention. Because i didn't know what was happening. Which is that. It knows. I was fucked up points. Whatever lymph another kool aid. Yeah you know what i mean so like. I didn't have like i didn't like see. I didn't see the anything. That changed my life. Except for i was like whoa i was like reality is fucking weird right now i was like. Oh wow yeah so. That was the first time. Was it this ship. If you're watching a ball. I wanted to target and bought a champagne. Glass stay stimulus champion. Yeah yeah it's pretty legit ray. I'm gonna get you one so we can do this. Yes do you have.

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