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Better satisfy whip pleasure. Running around half. Of. Behind. Better served pleasure. Nassarawa was infielders. Nate Jones is here. Hey, nate their new good morning to you. Morita chocolate thunder semis is in the the hey good morning. ooh there that can't wait for Thursday. We going out. Yes. We got some girls that way and Places. have. Cable Television. Show Up. With. A couple of days later I never same night. Okay. Oh thank you. Can't do that. The saw ideas here what's up on good morning to you in hell tell Nina we said, hello hello hello drew just patentability morning drew. Lee. Scott. What's up Lee. He'd get Heavier Beck. Prentice car because my baby it ability Yo. Hey. City several. You've with the the one and only Mickael. Show purchase them you. Even though users was really Shawna. Loving way. was, regular love city. You are not you. Don't forget. Good Morning Henry. Besting show apprentice. La like this is what we do here and they win when things don't go to. Kick, it's weird. Weird when things are not right. Like if you don't show Princeton certain amount of love I, think this whole thing is GonNa Crumble got one of those guys. Continue. Who Subtitles Good Morning? You all for. Da. Halley favorite Miller is in the bill. Veneta George. Henry. What up Hey will robbins is here morning the will was up Marcus Mr One emoji Johnson. It's in the building what we'll call him. Bro. Dj Rami Rowan builds a hey the room. The show and our own pretty cool I don't need or want to. See you through the Yuk Yuk. Ill. Ill. You know. I'm. Pilot. Shimmy love is here. Hey, should make coming. Share. A shout. Sensual toys girls sell them. That I want because I tagged you right I. Gave you today. So I want my ten. Essential oil question of bottle put Shamikh a loved one. I wouldn't mind a bottle of should make a love. Taking hold his higher..

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