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Well, thank you, Dave. And welcome to yesterday. On tonight's program. It's the Adventures of Sam Spade and the Bow Window caper from November of 1947. But first we'll turn back the clock to April of 1943 and the Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy show featuring Martha Raye, Dale Evans, the Sportsman Quartet Ray Noble and his orchestra and, of course, Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, Remembering back on the early days of Charlie Edgar Bergen once explained, I saw little Irish newsboy outside the high school and drew a picture of him in my history book. I took that sketch to a wood Carver, who made ventriloquism dummies and he made Charlie form a beggar and Charlie made their radio debut in December of 1936 on Moody Valleys. Royal Gelatin Hour, eventually winning the top spot on the Chase and Sanborn Hour beginning May 9th of 1937. Moving into first place in the radio ratings on tonight's program. Anger explains how Charlie has Spring Fever Day 11 things. You're a shot in the arm and Martha Raye performs peg Foot piece on the Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy show from April of 1943 here on yesteryear. Major, both his shadow, No bread and laughter. Please, Friend way can you top this suspense in the Whistler, though she So strong. Rodeo dough, D'oh D'oh! You're listening to listener supported swing Street radio swing Street radio with a big band swing. The makers of Chase and Sanborn Coffee and Tender Leaf tea present Edgar Bergen Ray novel and his orchestra. 11 Sportsmen are guests. Martha Raye was just returned from singing Broad groups in Africa. Bill Thompson, who just returned from singing to himself under the shower on and Charlie McCarthy. They live in has a song and I want you all the year. She hasn't said so,.

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