Justin Fairfax, Governor Ralph Northam, Darnall Carruthers discussed on AP 24 Hour News


The district has canceled classes for about five thousand preschoolers because it doesn't have the staff to take care of them. A group of chimpanzees made a daring escape at the Belfast zoo. Saturday zookeepers say the group of chimps used branches weakened by a storm to make a ladder video filmed by visitors showed several primates scaling a wall and sitting on top of it with one walking down a path outside the chimp's habitat. Ones zookeeper told the BBC their intelligence primates, and no they're not supposed to be out of their enclosure closure. So they got back in themselves two weeks ago. A rare red panda escaped from the same zoo when it's electric fences failed. The animal was recaptured in the driveway of a nearby house. A trove of art gathered by singer, George Michael before his death in two thousand sixteen is going up for auction in London Christie's and selling the collection, including pieces by Damien Hirst. Tracey Emin and Sarah. Lucas members of the young British artists generation who liked Michael shook up Britain's creative scene in the nineteen eighty s and ninety. Where then two hundred works are on offer, including Hearst's the incomplete. Truth a glass case enclosing a dove preserved in formaldehyde, which has an estimated price from one point three to one point nine million dollars. The sale takes place in mid March. Virginia's political mess. I'm Tim Maguire, the AP newsmen defer junior. Governor Ralph Northam tells top staffers he will not resign amid the furor over a racist photo on his medical school yearbook page Richmond resident Darnall Carruthers says northern should stay. I don't believe in my heart that he is racist. Meanwhile, a second woman accuses Lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax a sexual assault when they were both students at Duke University. Fairfax in a statement calls the accusation demonstrably false, I have never forced myself on anyone ever the city of Milwaukee holds a vigil for thirty five year old police officer, Matthew Ritter. He was shot and killed Wednesday. While serving.

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