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To the projection booth. I'm mike whiteman we once again. Is mr krista shoe. Mike thank you as always for pushing my cinematic boundaries as much as you can and i always appreciate it. I am glad to be here and joining me for this month. Is mr spencer. Seems thank you for inviting for months. African cinema month continues with a look at con directed by muhammed camera. It's the story of two men manga and story guinea. Who are in love. Everyone and everything tries to tell them that they shouldn't love one another including mangas mother and stories. Father we will definitely be spoiling this film as we go ahead. You have been warned so spencer. When was the first time you saw khan. And what did you think it would have been. Aw a dot and who's on fan door somebody on there. It's all this on video of people want to watch it. Yeah i was watching raffarin films. I stumbled into this one. It's grown on me like i It's favourite it's not super watchful because it's kind of tragic but it's still just say It's one that i really like in. I like more and more Chris about yourself. What did you think i know. It wasn't intentional. That you had me on the show. Mike as someone who is bisexual and i know. We've joked about it. I came at this from a different angles spencer. I don't know your sexuality sending my business as someone who is open and bisexual as someone watching this movie. It was at times heartbreaking at times massively uncomfortable and at other times massively relatable similar to derive in a way it touches on some stuff that this area of the world especially this topic even now has a very hard time dealing with africa's stance a countries stances on homosexuality is really bad as bad as any of the eastern european countries like russia in regards to their treatment of lgbtq a plus. Yeah it was honestly. This movie was a lot like a lot a lot. I had to stop at a couple of times. I watched it twice. But it's there's a lot going on. I'm excited to talk about it. But yeah it's it's a pretty heavy movie. Yeah i'm research. I was going through like Countries with ultra bt. He writes stuff. And i found like a a for who did the list but it was like a score of like laws and conversion therapy stuff like that and a lot of african countries are at the bottom and i was not surprised. No i mean similarly to what we talked about in derived with the country of chad in its massive amounts of corruption. Unfortunately there is still a cultural. Push to denounced deny rebuke homosexuality. And this i mean you see a lot in this movie so this film came out in nineteen ninety seven which was the year that the story of brokeback mountain was written. I say it's funny. Because as i'm watching the movie. I just kept thinking of brokeback mountain. Because of the idea of these two guys. I mean with that one. It is two older gentlemen who are kind of already set in this pattern of their life. They're not necessarily old but they're in their twenties and just kind of like figuring stuff out still though they're being pushed in this heterosexual lifestyle type of thing. I just found it very ironic. That if anything in. This didn't necessarily informed brokeback mountain but it could very much be seen as like the african brokeback mountain. I guess it would be like a brokeback kilimanjaro. I will say it's a good companion piece again. It speaks to like you said mike. It speaks to similar themes maybe not entirely the same once. Definitely not exactly the same cultural ones because again will. I'm sure we're going to get into it. But there's a lot of cultural subtexts going on throughout this movie especially with the usage of the music the traditional guinean. I would assume gideon. But i'll just say african music. There's a lot going on here. Almost more so than brokeback mountain in many ways. Because brokeback mountain. Kind of again. This movie and brokeback mountain dew. Lack subtlety. i think that's one thing that i would. I was reading reviews of people were like. This movie lacks subtlety. That's kind of the point. There's no beating around the bush here with homosexuality when it comes to. The african continent like spencer said almost all the african countries are at the bottom. This is a known issue throughout the subcontractor the continent and then the countries within the continent as a whole so it's getting slowly better Like it's gained decriminalize in some countries and and sudan had a death penalty for gay sex in the repeal that law last year so it's overall things are inveterate still it's their fifth behind and you can trace it till colonialism with like the forcing her shanty on people plus like the how like a lot. A conservative christian by la churches in his country go to africa in day shreds spreader gospel. Whenever and sometimes gospel some phobic and so the problem will never end pretty much which is kind of the sad thing while i mean in this country within the last hundred years. We've had sodomy decriminalized in many states. Sodomy was a crime. Might still be on the books. I'm i would wager a guess. It probably is. Yeah there's a difference between repealing the law versus enforcing the law. Yeah marijuana is technically federally illegal. But the federal government's not knocking down doors in people's houses in colorado so enforcement verses. Maybe they are. I don't know i think i think it depends on the color of their skin to sure does. Doesn't it this movie yes. It is not necessarily that subtle. But i appreciate that. It doesn't pussyfoot around things we've talked about characters being coated gay or possibly open gay charlie character to keep ilke. I wanna talk about that first. Second the gay character that mike. You consider charlie character homophobic little bit. I mean it felt very much. Like here's this gay guy. Let's rob him but at the same time. It's not like anyone's exploiting him. It's definitely not like the cops are not listening to him. It's not like the cops are coming over to charlie's place in busted his head. They are very responsive to his complaints. Channel death i can wake can fanatically make sense of the geic with the joke of that character's kinda wake they wind really the iffy part of like. I don't know how to feel about this exactly. It's funny but also like i. I don't know if you.

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