A Tuscan Staycation - burst 03


Even if I am not always their body, it is the place that seems to have invented the very idea of the casual but elegant simple, but sophisticated picnic grilling is part of the summer fair and Tuscany, but where else could day old bread be Sushi? US IN PANS Annella Salad? It is so uber tasty with a dash of Tuscan, olive oil, fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, and paired with a glass of Chianti were Brunello, but you don't have to venture to Tuscany, too. Tuscan try at Tuscany. homestake Haitian in create the same relaxed feeling. Try rustic phase with a few sunflowers, rightly colored plates, no tablecloth to simplify this setting and hope for beautifully sunny. Day make this a summer picnic style to quote the man who practically invented the Tuscan Lifestyle Leonardo Da Vinci simplicity is an art sharing with you to my favorite recipes for a summer station to Tuscany. They're both. Both from my Gorman World Award winning book, the Basic Art of Italian cooking, holidays and special occasions, second edition published by Art of Living Premium Media Inc, and you can get a copy on my website Marie Liberty, dot com or Amazon, kindle or many booksellers, online, or at your local bookstore to get a copy if they don't sell them already, or if you'd like to share a photo of one of the recipes here in posted on any social media or my blog comments with Hashtag Marie Liberati show, you could win a free copy of one of the books in the Basic Art of Italian cooking series. Tuscan panelist salad twelve slices of day, old, crusty bread, four tablespoons

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