BTS #29 Kyle Boyar on Microbiological Testing, Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome, LIMS - burst 15


But Anyway so we got all these people together. We got on the stage to talk about it, and she's like I said active in social media, and so she was conducting the survey to try and get patient data from all these different facebook groups that she runs for those suffering with Chs. And, so she presented it at candidate, and there are some interesting insights that revealed a about treatment options, and what types of people are have C. H. as where they're located geographically, so it turns out not just limited to any one geographic region or anything like that you would. I was considering the possibility that it might be associated with well whereas all the high thc cannabis ad, because maybe that is something that has spurned this. Type of thing, but no, it's all over the place. It's not and it's also not just one read of administration. People who've Stoli's edibles. And other routes of administration other than smoking also developed this thing so so there's a lot of things that came up. Different triggers, chocolate is one of the triggers. Also, black pepper. All these things that have something in there that modify the economic system, so we're seeing at least some patterns there and then also different treatment options, so obviously mentioned the hot showers. And kept. Saying is a as a method for alleviating. But.

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