Help Wanted: 600 Contact Tracing Jobs Available In Chicago


Is putting its $56 million girl the virus contact tracing program. Into the hands of a partnership designed to foster jobs for hundreds of participants is well, let's contain the spread of the disease. The city expects some 600 contact tracers to be hired. And Karen Norrington, Reeve's director of the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership, says they'll be trained to track down people with whom a covert 19 patients been every six weeks. We're going to be connecting with all of the contact tracing court to make sure that Were troubleshooting any challenges that they're experiencing that they're getting constant reinforcement. Roy Walker Dina Malcolm X College says. Equally important are the opportunities. Contact traces the first step into a career in healthcare. Malcolm is Kash has other healthcare opportunities and opera polio of disciplines. We see opportunity with the committee of Worker Program, Patient care technicians, technicians, USC USC USC University University University University of of of of Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago and and and and Sinai Sinai Sinai Sinai Urban Urban Urban Urban Health Health Health Health Institute, Institute, Institute, Institute, also also also also Gardner's Gardner's Gardner's Gardner's Craig Craig Craig Craig Della. Della. Della. Della.

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