IDTT Wine 481: Wine Before and After the Genocide


And alcohol was not a part of our family culture. Whereas food was important to our family, and we did a lot of home entertaining, and because we were not allowed in restaurant, the the major important restaurants. Even after I was in college, we are still not allowed. That's Catherine more? The longtime sales general manager at Union Square wines in Manhattan. She was born in the nineteen forties and grew up in Baltimore Maryland and what she is describing is racial segregation in a city with a long history of housing discrimination. Katherine Moore's black and her family wasn't allowed to eat in the fancier restaurants in her hometown that unfair barrier continued in Baltimore through her adult years, but she found something different when she traveled to Europe and was able to enjoy the sort of fine dining experiences that had been denied to her previously. And the breakthrough came in nineteen, sixty five when I traveled to Europe for the first time with a small dance company. We left England and went to Germany and there we were introduced to. Something more than Li pro milk, which was college trend at the time, and from Cohn we flew into powers. When I first looked out over the wings through a propeller by the way planes were props then. and saw the Eiffel Tower I. Thought I had come home. And the first night we designed it Lis- elected Montparnasse and That I fell in love. French cuisine. French wines. We made a side trip to Lower Valley to tour and there I was introduced to a buffet and some of the Soviet Bronx. Of the region and I was smitten. Not long after she first visited France. Catherine Moore was invited to obey. House in Burgundy. For a dinner and a vertical of La Tauch from the seller of domain Della Romney County. That was. Just out of this world. I I, I mean when you start with that. Rare that you go and when when you don't have a a lot of education and experience the wine world it doesn't. Take on the proper perspective. Young now I. I would love that opportunity, and I think I would appreciate it much more than I did at that time. I. They invited me to stay overnight and the next morning at nine thirty or so I had a polite knock at the door, and I was told we had an appointment Gary Loaves ten o'clock to start tasting well. There I was lying in bed in the room was spinning still. moved. In nineteen, seventy five Catherine more return to France this time to participate in the grape harvest at domain wet, and they'll loire-valley, and she found the work to be physically demanding even for someone who has a background in a professional dance troupe, and she worked alongside some older people who had never encountered black woman before. Tourism maybe eight eight to eleven kilometers away these eighty five year, old woman who'd never even been to tour. And finally by the second week, one of women worked up nerve to ask me if they could rub my hand to see if that Brown would come. Several years later. Katherine more traveled to Italy where she made a visit to meet Bartolomeu Carello. Carello responded to her visit with a kind gesture. He was very frail man. We felt that we were in the presence of greatness. She sat there without knowing drew dedicated labels to each of us. which and I treasure that bottle? Catherine more was denied access to wine experiences in our hometown from multiple decades. The. Grew up a few decades after Catherine more. Not that far away geographically, and she described a very different set of experiences that she encountered as a black woman. I've been to a lot of beautiful restaurants. My parents love to eat out and I'd always gotten to go to wonderful restaurants around New York and run every. For Lee Campbell who later became a wind director in Brooklyn. It wasn't a denial of access to restaurants or to wine. That originally kept her away from the wine world. It was something else. When you Kupuna something, there's also sometimes a part of you that wonders if you're good enough. If you have what it takes or if you're smart enough, or if you're sophisticated enough to work with something like wine and I certainly had friends, and even a boyfriend at the time that made me feel like. If you do this thing, you have to act this. This way and I was like. I I, don't know if I want to, and I don't even know if I can, and let's be honest. You're a black woman. Probably not so many other black women around. Look at it'd be like well that person's doing. Yeah, it's true in a couple of people that I did know weren't really interested in mentoring me. which is why I try really hard to to support anybody who comes to me black way you know female male, but I think the other thing is. Is that I? Don't know you know I. was thinking about this earlier today? I don't think the real reason. I didn't want to become Somalia. Right off was because I didn't see people like me doing it because I had never stopped me before never. I mean it just I think it's just that wine didn't feel like something that was like loving or something. It did not feel it didn't feel nice to me. It felt kind of mean. What Lee Campbell suggested that the wind space isn't very friendly is of you that many people also seem to share of the wine world the day.

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