49: Making Nathans Famous



Decided to even out his it, he's got its July, fourth, two thousand hundred. The Sun is beating down on the corner of Surf. Instill will avenues. We're in Coney Island. New York that legendary playground with its beach and boardwalk in my favorite, the cyclone, this huge wooden roller coaster, thousands of people are packed together is locked on a bright blue stage from five four three. We are off for the one hundred. Of the Nathan's famous hotdog, eating contest Joey Chestnut Amanda Pete. If you follow the world of competitive or at least the annual hotdog eating contest, you probably know the name Joey Chestnut. Athlete Nans. Legend he's dominated the scene for more than ten years. Just take it from the reporters at ESPN has changed the game because of his dedication physically. Chest. Taken up. In Our What's? Flow is much more. This is what chestnut does for a living. He trains for this. He's made hundreds of thousands of dollars stuffing his face with food. Chicken Wings shrimp cocktail, glazed donuts and this year. It looks like it's paying off joey chest. With seventy seconds left and sixty five hotdogs and buns. No starts Jordan right now. He's the go go. The people are starting to call other great. The like Michael. Jordan is Joey Basketball Brady Joey of football after ten minutes of intense gut busting competition. It's no surprise who wins. It's A.

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