Level 10 Opportunity - Part 2 of 2


I WANNA fast forward to eight or nine years ago seventy. I'm so bad years, so people like Nineteen ninety-six I'm. I can ever remember I was in Kenya. That's all remember so I was in Kenya and and my wife and I whole bunch marketing. NERDS. And most of had wise to and and. This is back. Onto any female on on that trip in the last time, we have like half of them. More female entrepreneurs is a huge test emails. I love it. Makes me happy ever see that. Back hanging out and I remember because we did this long. Ride inside of this little jeep, and it was like my wife and I, and then two or three other couples, and all the dudes talking business otherwise annoyed, so we've got to stop and we had lunch and then all the GS mind if we go in this sheep over here and you guys go because we don't want to hear talk anymore right, but it's like a four hour drive like exactly that we do not want to go for four hours with you guys like. Oh, I guess like. Right, so we in the other jeep I'm sitting next to this guy named bill hairs Bill Harrison. Bill. Couple yes. Bill Is. A probably the smartest market news I've ever met so for context. He's married now, but when I first met him, he was probably fifty never married. I got that wrong, but moves obsessive. Marking his house I saw pictures of his house match like a Bachelor Pad, but he's rich with the bachelor pad, and every room from the floor to the ceiling is marking and sales books during a bookshelf anymore because he can't handle it, so he's just. Every single room is just piled with books. In fact, he used to send me boxes of books as gifts is. They sent you a bunch of books I show up and there's a bike a microwave box five hundred books in it. These good, he's like. Oh, they're all good. I'm not going to send you a copy books like this amazing so bills like one of the smartest us I've ever met when it comes to marketing and sales like obsessed like guessing I'm obsessed. He's like that's the next level he's. He's awesome. Anyway, so we're sitting in this jeep. Geek it out all sorts of stuff having a bunch of fun and we're like two hours into this bumpy jeep riot talking and he tells me the story that just. Rocked everything my whole world I'm probably. Six pages into this funnel building of the timing I've done a million things launch. Much successes had a lot of losses, but as a whole we're doing really well and were sitting there in his jeep and we're talking, and he says it's so interesting. He's like he's like I feel like I've I'm on the best mark. Russell. Like some of the best like most passionate people geek out about this the most. The biggest problem is Mike. What except love to know about letting? Do More as like. We have the wrong opportunity. He means like an east goes on his friend, who he is not a good marketing dude at all he's he's made like a level two skillset of of being a marketer, but he you got into this opportunity with his company, and he was able to apply his level to skill set to a level ten opportunity is. They took the company public where we're billion dollars cash. Cash out made sane amounts of money is like because he had to level ten opportunity is like if I look at this, they seem this. GPA. Like I feel like I've got a level ten skillset and my company while there's really good. He's like is like a level three level four opportunity with ten skillset. So because I'm away. We'll get to a certain certain level. He says symptoms true for you like your level ten skillset looking at a level, maybe maybe three opportunity. That's why you're stuck at this this thing. Like, Oh, my Gosh I, never I never thought about that. And I was a little frustrated and I think we'll crap my. Was An opportunity I don't even. Know. What that is what it could be like? If I was doing his good, do get the. You'll look the world to my lands I'm doing better than all the people around me, my friends, my family that and making more money, but like Manley. What's what is actually possible? And and I didn't know, and I remember coming home that trip, and just thinking well with my love with an opportunity I didn't know. Stop. Everything was going to wait till it comes here. I, he'd now. I know that I'm looking for level ten opportunity and I WANNA. Make sure that as I when I find them ready and unprepared for it K- if they had to quick funnels, nate eight years ago here run this thing guess would happened. Crashed to the ground and Burton and it would have been really bad painful, public humiliation for everybody hey! I wasn't ready for it. But now. I knew I have my level ten opportunity, but until that happens to move forward I'm going to the next one and the next one. I'M GONNA. Try Try this one and this one and this one this one this one and hopefully in that journey. I'm GONNA have faith is I'm running fast. I can't am looking properties. I'm trying to find some out the right. People are GONNA come to. To my life I'm GonNa be introduced to find opportunities, and maybe this was not the big success, but maybe it opens the door for the next one of the next one meet somebody to the dealer I. Don't know what that's going to be I'm going to run with faith as fast, I can funnel after funnel after funnel, but I'm GONNA is open looking for what does that level ten opportunity get? Thank you. That's that's how it started, so not point four I started looking. At the start looking weird opportunity, start coming. Into my into my path, and some of them were really unpleasant. One of them I build a huge company up and the whole thing burnt and crashed the ground. That was really painful. Firing Eighty, people, it's like. Is Not not fun. I'm not going to get deep into the paint about story, but it. It was bad. I thought like man toll thing like. Level Zero Opportunity now nothing. As I was moon for us. Try and seeing after thing after thing and I remember in this process. I remember buying this website so I was like. This is this is to be. An opportunity bought the site called champion sound dot, com, anyone here ever her champion sound. No because it never one person yet because it's one of the ones on the lists. It didn't do anything though. I bought it off flip dot com I tried to launch it. It didn't work with people. Sign up, are at the software crashes like an email and text messages. Audrey squander for bands as God I thought this with an opportunity. Maybe they you know I'm doing this thing and in the pain of this thing not working. I was trying to find a developer to help me fix this help fix this software and I'd go to was back then up up. Work owed ask. I can remember what I was trying to find. Somebody hired a fix the site and I was trying to and I couldn't find anybody to fix it and finally just rushing to make our. This isn't gonNA work. And so I sent an email to the the host of basically shut outside. It's not gonNA work like I don't want to support. The people like doesn't work I can't fix it and I was walking out the door to leave and as I'm walking out the door had this thought and the thought. I just heard for second said. There's probably someone on your list. Who could fix this for you? I make my list like my list is not big. It's not people that are developers who just like. By my tried to listen when I hear voices like that like all right. Let's say walked back in the office of computer back on. I send an email out and says. If you know, Ruby on rails. I'm looking for a partner and I told the story got sites. Now working is broken them and third way, but never been relatively partner emailed me back the Senate out there and. An our later email from this dude in Atlanta. Who looks like? He's younger than me.

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