India's Burgeoning Crypto Scene with WazirX CEO Nischal Shetty


Waza Rex is part of the Internet and Mobile Association of India is the largest exchanges exchanges in India. So lots of talk about. regarding both the Indian crypto. SCENE AND The. General! Performance of the quine in other assets. In emerging markets stop in particular India's interesting, because it is the largest democracy world they've had a number of interesting macro events of course last year couldn't demonetisation. Where many people were stuck in bank lines trying to redeem their cash? After the government's slashed the maximum size paper currency they have a cultural affinity for Gold's. Ritchie exactly. What that translates shoot terms of digital goals. And talked about quite a few topics that might be of interest as we think about emerging market interest in crypto beyond just China. And East Asia. South Asia perspective long overdue for this podcast and I'm excited to talk more about it. Shelter Yeah. Great great connect here. So why don't we? Why don't we start just by Having, introduce yourself and and talk a little bit about S-. While direction and some of the work that you've been doing. Over the last couple of years, maybe you start with the origin story personally how you fell down the rabbit hole. On a show so to give a bit of a background about me. I started my career as a software engineer. Writing Gold for a typical corporate job, and then eventually I quit my job and start it up. a social media management off. Guard crowd fire, and this is be back in two thousand ten of been event credible still new. Building on top of the API was like a really new thing. The API platform ten stuff The advent vital. Signed up millions of users on that and a wild. This was happening I was also the Hula zone or finding what was new? On the time reading every blog that spoke about new tax and stuff, so I came across Bitcoin, billy, then two, thousand, nine, I even bigger remember trying to mind bitcoin on my. PC BAGHDAD But it was just you know just coming across as trying it out and then mowing. then again, Gordon? Do a Bitcoin and twenty, two, hundred, twenty, thirty when a couple of Wallace started emerging in that space. again tried out a few of those early wallet. Sand sent. A bitcoin through my friends Some and then again I just lay. brainy seventeen years the whole. I got garden the Rabbit. Dole says that I've never been able to come out of it, so I would say my initiation into crypto happen and twenty seventeen. And eighteen built was. My my idea was to build sort of. Obey for people in India too easily on Crypto and when I experienced a global products and products that well being built in our country I saw a stock defense in the whole use it expedience, and that motivated me to build something which everyone in India accord easily on Border Crypto, and that's how I ended up bailing was he'd eggs?

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