Philadelphia - Masks now required in all public spaces in Pennsylvania, Gov. Wolf says


Mandatory in the state of Pennsylvania. This just hit this afternoon with the confirmation. This is from Uh, Pittsburgh Channel for Action News on headline is masks or now mandatory in all public spaces in Pennsylvania. The order takes effect immediately. Bastard are mandatory in all public spaces. In Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolfe's administration announced this afternoon. The new order signed by Secretary of Health Dr Rachel Levine takes effect now immediately, if not sooner. A mask wearing orders essential to stop the recent increase in covert 19 cases we've seen in Pennsylvania, Wolf said in the news release. Those hot spots can be traced the situations where Pennsylvanians we're not wearing masks or practicing social distancing. Two practices that must be adhered to. If we want to maintain the freedoms that we have in place under our reopening, and this is a huge issue, Folks. We are at a crucial crucial point here. The

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