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Already working on a second album. Chicago based rapper David Cone, who goes by the name Sarah Ann Getty, and L. A based singer and songwriter Jenny Lewis wound up collaborating for the first time at a music festival A few years ago, Cone reached out to Louis for some music. He could wrap over before the pandemic hit, but she didn't get back to him until she had some time on her hands. Months later in my text, one of these am are fuzzy text. I get the song Dave and I have different kinds of phones. I'm on an iPhone and so sending Dave of file is challenging. Cone has an android. So yeah, like goes through the filter, and then by the time it gets to him, it's even like lower fi. Then when I sent it from my phone, which I made all of the music on my iPhone. Never once did I work on a computer. They did all of their collaboration on cell phones. Way full here, become e would write the hook and create the track And then he would send within 24 hours and just so much poetry. Barefoot in quietly brushed their teeth and I'm open gown simply put on impossible dreams. You talk to me, but you think it's scarlet. They send the tracks to a friend in Minneapolis to mix them down and have finished seven songs. So far, Lewis says. This year has been the biggest break from the road she has had since she was a kid and says it really allowed her to work on something she might not have done otherwise, and because of the circumstances and because I connected so deeply with it. It was all I cared.

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