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Makes you feel good as you got an hour up in the morning. I have my call pasta for six thirty in the morning. Wake up. I take my first sweeter coffee in our get you euphoric feel it. Why do I wanna feel I feel it all damn days because it costs? We live and die by call. That's okay. With me. I make a make apartment wake up in the morning. The then stop is Starbucks on the way into work in the morning by just because it's my routine it it makes me happy. Like it feels good to have this Cup. You got to you got any connection soldiers maxima? How all the grand give me a call. Jack is out remote. You all you guys. I don't have any connections. But was there anything that? We talked about that. We didn't talk about that. You want to bring up before we sign off air is one thing. I want to talk about the way we talked about us. I wanna talk about you just just a second knitting enough. My chest. There was a match. All right. We'll let me in the back. We had our matching Brooklyn. There's a low in the match. Probably don't even know. Nobody really knows me a bit over into a sweat ran on my nose. Okay. Just ran off the tip of my nose. And that made me realize when I watched back hill yet, we got a good match. There's a match twenty two years ago to the day that you had my favorite WCW match of all time, you versus NITEL everybody here. The poor. I'm always watching this match you versus Ricky steamboat clash of the champions twenty two years ago today, you guys are balanced out on the top rope, man, you're chugging away. You're slowing your hitting them, you're knocking them off. Evolve up road and comes back up knock him off. Again, finally, getting done and sweat drips off your nose, and that to me is professional wrestling, Jack that is what wrestling's about that's what a wrestler is Ashwin let you know that match is a is one of my top five favorite matches of all time. Berry should you have one to get in radically next to this one is the this is a sad story. I don't care if it kinda ruin the reputation that we have or not, but the building wrestlemainia seventeen you in the rock the best video packets, go up of all time like the station for was amazing. I didn't come from a lot of money so saved up for long code in before the pay per view out ordered the phone replica smoking school built and the camouflage Austin, sixteen hats, and I said there on my couch, and I want this lady with the hat on and my focus goal tidal. And when you turn. And on the rock and you join this. I was never been more heartbroken in my life. I threw my hat down on the floor new title down on the floor walked outside didn't want anybody to see you. Because I was I was so heartbroken but sent out there for a little bit. I said to myself, you know, what he's still still still going to cheer for filling Becky picked up must've off the floor. Put it gun at us steel to your no matter if you were healer face, you know, what goes back on those years may doing that. And you taking your stuff off and having to walk ups fat and kinda Righetti yourself. If you motion headed goes back to the first part of five gas when we were talking, and so if I was able to connect with you on that level, and we connect you, and you were living vicariously through the stuff that I was doing all of a sudden, I took a wrong turn. And that upset you jolly that means that I was doing the best. I could the store land was invested was I was in there with the great one the one and only rock and that package that when Paul Heyman and a Jew. Jim Ross narrating that thing dumb to Miskin chocolate starfish, whatever it was my way was just an unbelievable combination in all elements combined the all stars aligned, and it was absolute magic. But all goes back to reality, emotion and belief and this has been of disbelief. That's what I've noticed this about. I had.

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