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And that's especially me being in in in the free market now, Biltmore that's one of the primary reasons why left. You know, people are gonna be like negative stigma on us, and I don't. I don't want that. I'm afraid that would happen, and I'm afraid that might have possibly happened. Wow. So you feel like it set the sport back? I do because my my, especially in the casual Lehman that watches it. Yeah. Now we're. Just a bunch of guerillas. We're just a bunch of thugs. Is it possible that it almost confirms people's beliefs like already MMA doesn't have the best reputation of people like, yeah, I expect this from cage fighters, of course. So then why would it set us back then? What's worse like you see fighters that right, like, well, fighters, fight or cage fighters fight or whatever it is like, no, dude, no, we get paid professionals. You don't have to straight jackass and go jumping over fences. Flying karate, kick people where they talk about your country or whatever it is, and you have some form of controlling this one. I don't know, could be and I, here's a great dude. Like I hear a lot of good things about him, but he just lost his cool at that moment, man, and it just sucks. I think it just set us back. So you have people who say, what did you expect? He talked about his country. His dad has his family, his religion, you say, hogwash, don't do it. Mainly, I like it is what it is me. I understand you got it. You got to send up yourself, but then then fight, Dylan, Dana's find some way to make that happen. Get him in a grappling tournament or something like that. Right. Like enter into a super fight, Bobo cells, some paper on that too. But just that's just not the way to handle it. And I've been remarkably inappropriate Nome numerous times in my life, and I'm great at being inappropriate. And I think that was just an example of. So you think he should be stripped? I don't care. You don't care? I don't care. I don't care enough to give an opinion. I don't know do there's, there's cut the no punishment and USA there's nothing real, oh arbitrarily just said, and then they're going to go around. They're gonna find some other way. Oh, well, accorded public opinion. He's going to be Astra's for life. Go to hell. No, he's not going to happen so good for him. He hopefully he doesn't get any trouble. I think he's the best fighter in the world. I mean, these insanely good. I'm good friends with Luke Rocco and Lucan. I talk about his could be abilities all the time. Compared to Luke's and it's like the listening. What Luke says is just incredible glowing about him. It's insane. I mean, like Luke's is probably the best grappling eighty-five division, right? He's very, very good him and Masasi are pretty damn good. You know, whatever else. In Luke says that he struggles mightily under could be wow mightily. That's nuts. Yeah. Yeah. Luke probably walks around like two hundred to ten to fifteen when it gets big. Well, yeah, dude, I, this was such a miserable camp, but I had so much time with our so good. But why was it so miserable? Because man, like it was it was so much wrestling do so much like way beyond what my normal life is even like heavy wrestling for normal camp. This was out of ten practices a week. It is. It was seven were wrestling practices out of the three that were not wrestling back taxes. They involved two of the three involved wrestling warm ups wrestling after I was done wrestling in the middle of it wrestling drills. I mean, niece is peak outs. I mean every other for knacker that I never understood our new before..

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