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Very crude with your half past headlines. Last night, the Clippers destroyed the Nuggets in game 11 22 97 to go up one Owen that Siri's Today Their forward mantra is Harold wins the NBA's Sixth Man award. Errol played his college ball. Louisville Now tonight in the MBA playoffs, in fact, just now underway. Milwaukee Miami Game three. This is a gotta have a game for the Bucks the heater up to Oh, there six, you know? In these playoffs later tonight can be our 10 50 Lakers Rockets Game one Lakers of 6.5 Point favorite to know of the Rockets are against the Lakers since they traded away, Clint Capela. Ella has a huge size advantage in this one Well to go Dick Vital. He is for years and years been trying to raise money for pediatric cancer research. His annual fundraising gala has reached the $7 million Mark. Going into today's event, which will be virtual this year, the gallows usually held in May. It's part of the It's the 15th Year for the Dick Dickie V. Gallo, which is held in association with the foundation for Cancer Research. In total by Tallis raised nearly $30 million for cancer research. Way to go. Dickie V. And Lionel Messi has announced that he's staying at Barcelona didn't interview today. He wanted to leave. He didn't want to take the club to court. So he decided to stay. Barcelona as a club is refusing to sell them for less than $700 million Today, Tomorrow, one o'clock it's cut down day in the NFL. The Raiders today cut safety to Marius Randall may be the highest profile cut of the day was Washington saying goodbye to Adrian Peterson. And the Giants are in action tonight. Diamondbacks role in four game Siri's Taylor, Clarke said, is set to make his third start of the season for the D'backs. He opened the year in the pen Giants go Tyler Anderson will be is Anderson be starting his third consecutive game. Against Arizona Diamondbacks have lost.

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