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Major League Baseball and seeing some last place teams, like, say, sellers like the reds, the nationals, possibly even the Diamondbacks, despite them having a 500 record. These are three teams that do have trade pieces that will help team wins. Specifically, the Diamondbacks are filled with players that can help any team truly win. And I'm looking at their pitching staff specifically. Can you imagine someone getting their hands on like a Zach gallon or a Wheeler? I'm not a Wheeler. Or even a mad bum. I doubt they'll part with mad bum, but just everyone on their pitching staff is having a great year. Merrill Kelly is another guy that can help somebody. Yeah, I mean, Brent strom has done a terrific job there. I'm not sure what happened with him in the Astros that's a mystery man if he'll ever unravel it, but he was fantastic there. And you know, we thought he was retiring, but he wasn't. And he has done a nice job. The rotation has been really good. Certainly both pen pieces look like potential trade bait, the milans, Kennedy was last year and went on to close with Phillies. Maybe they'll need it in the close organ. I don't know. Certainly, they've got trade pieces. And that's, as you mentioned, I've trade pieces. We'll say, no, and I also cruise surprise people by signing with an ads when everyone knew they were in a rebuild, so they could potentially trade him. They've got a, they've got a few trade pieces that they can look at, Josh bell is having a much better year this year. I think the COVID might have affected him last year. I've been told by the agent Scott Boris that won Soto is not getting traded. Of course, ultimately it's really not his decision. But I tend to think that that's a long shot. I've seen people speculate on that. I really don't see that happening. I mean, you call me or tweet me if I'm wrong a couple three months from now, but I'm doubtful on that one for sure. The reds have some pieces, even though they're terrible team, you know, you've got O'Malley's a good starting pitcher and Castillo was a very, very talented starting pitcher. I think other teams are kind of picking up on the fact that people leave Cincinnati and they do better. That 117 that you referenced earlier with the Giants, they had four starters, including Godzilla had mentioned that these would cueto who had been reds at one time. Now quite obviously had a heyday with the reds, but the other guys all did much better with giants after leaving the reds. So I think the value is going to be high naturally anyway for any good starting pitcher, but I wouldn't pay too much attention to what the stats are for Mali or Castillo just returned because their values are going to be extremely high. The cubs are another team that has some pieces to sell. So even if one soda doesn't get traded and I don't think he will. I think we're going to have a decent trade deadline. We're not going to have a trade deadline where Scherzer, the stars like Scherzer, Turner, Brian Rizzo, like last year, are traded, but I will still be pretty good one. Well, I'm excited for when we get to that trade line, John. We're going to clip all of these and see what we're right about. See if all these guys move when it comes to the time and John, it's been a blast here on big time baseball with you and obviously sports as always. People you gotta follow John Heyman on Twitter. Again, he is not paid for his Twitter buddy should be. If there is a person that should be paid for their Twitter, it's John Heyman. I get most of my baseball information from John hayman's Twitter. Follow my John and you can follow me at decker 6 on Twitter and anti air baseball on Instagram and guys. Like, share and subscribe to the show wherever you get your favorite podcasts, not to mention the Odyssey app itself. That's big time baseball wherever you get your favorite podcasts. We'll be back next week, John. Always a pleasure, man. You are a legend of the baseball league. You're the best. Oh, I have my moments. All right guys, that's it for us..

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