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I'm Chris Trunk Man. Our top story A 10 o'clock has Matt Cruz were called to the scene of a chemical spill at the border and dairy plant in Winter haven, located at 1006th Street, Southwest. It happened around 5:40 a.m. Several workers were evacuated, but fire officials say the spills contain one employee was exposed to the chemical but was treated at the scene. The Hillsborough County State attorney's office has filed a kidnapping charge. Against a 54 year old Seffner man. Luis Santos is accused of detaining a black teenager who was on his way to an early morning basketball practice and he didn't have the authority to do so. In his 911 call, Santos accused the boy of breaking into cars. He can be heard telling him to stay put. Well, you should be because you can't be breaking into people's place. We got you on video. So relax, Relax. State Attorney Andrew Warren says there's zero tolerance for racial profiling and harassment in Hillsborough. It's been a long wait, but hockey is back. The Tampa Bay Lightning returned to the ice today for the first time since Marsh as they play an exhibition game against the Florida Panthers inside the NHL's bubble in Toronto coach John Cooper on the return to the ice to see another colored jersey is gonna be a nice thing like it was a lot of talk in the ace. No man is gonna be a great play somebody else. The other thing is to looking forward to seeing the set up a little interest to me how that's gonna go. But drop between the lightning and panthers is set for high noon.

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