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In simply by using cash on other words, they don't have to trade us, assets from a depleted form system to go out and get a closer. So they basically throwing cash at the problem. But there this signing does not come without risks. When you look at his performance you made reference to, and I got this from Paulin bikinis yesterday, after the podcast, easy array, after the all star break five point. Oh, one is whip one point three three strikeouts per nine innings. One point nine strike percentage of sixty percent which was one hundred sixty I out of all relievers that have one hundred eighty two relievers. And in the post-season eight walks and ten and two thirds innings and you heard like I did the speculation among valuator. Wow. This guy might have the where they were concerned about how badly he was missing the strike zone and here's the other factor, and you and I were sending messages back and forth yesterday. We've seen so many guys in the last decade who signed the late into regular season, and it doesn't seem like, EMMY any of them ever perform well. No, Greg Holland, who's, now you're close been done bags BUSTER. He's hoping day last year. And he said, the same thing I was working out this and that, you know, I thought it was ready. Call him up one week later. It was a complete disaster O into the seven nine to ER Ray and they released them for months later, he said, you're not ready. He said, you know, he was opening day. These guys are sounding two months in the season. So I'm just trying to get p Graham and Inter's did seasons borne. So if the cubs are smart, they, they take their time bringing him up, maybe not told a lie 'cause it's just it's a whole different thing you can pay all the geo college and college hitters all you want. You're not facing the know major batters. So I, I do you know as you reference that were red flag last year. I mean, here's the Red Sox really starters. The close out games and postseason Red Sox. As much money that anybody in baseball. They never made any contract offer except for the proposal and they the tender offer. And then you gotta take the Red Sox. No. Those guys on the does you know, why weren't they pursue them. Yeah. There were reports last night that the cubs intend to have them in the big leagues by June twentieth. I don't know if that comes from kimbrough's camp or it comes from the cubs, we'll wait and hear from te'o..

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