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Talk about in the book interestingly enough and that book come we'll be an amazon in june it's it's it's almost ready but it's it's not out yet but the medical information bureau has information everybody on what they use their insurance for i'm not exactly sure that the medical information bureau i don't necessarily know that they're limited from sharing that kind of information i then there's the credit card companies right so if you go to and get a prescription and there's a way to identify it you know that's entirely possible that way but one thing i would say about facebook than i think is particularly interesting that has come out after the cambria analytics debacle that became known by everybody i don't know if everybody knows as much about the fact that facebook was working with stanford medical school as well as the academy of able to think about it but it is a heart it's a academy that has to do with cardiology and conditions that kademi has ten different databases facebook had approach them in order to get medical information from them so that they could match it up with user data facebook user data facebook put that on pause after they cambria scandal broke and but they only put it on pause they didn't shelve it and because of hip those entities stanford and and that database system they can share that information with facebook as a healthcare operation to try and figure out more information about their own patients so.

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