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Adam Silver, Gordon Deal And T. M. J. discussed on This Morning with Gordon Deal


Nuggets closing their team's practice facility after initially reopening the players and staff on Saturday. Meanwhile, N BA commissioner Adam Silver says he remains confident about the league's returned to play plan. But he also tells time 100 talks a large number of cases would cause another league stoppage and some unfortunate news for minor league baseball. They have officially canceled their season in 2020. I'm Kevin Welles News radio W T. M. J. From companies Media networks. He's America's first news thiss morning with your host Gordon deal 100,000 cases per day. Good morning. I'm Gordon Deal along with Jennifer Cash Enka on this Wednesday, July 1st pleasure with us. And here's what we have for you this hour country's top infectious disease expert is warning that Corona virus infections could get worse that people continue ignoring mask and distancing guidelines. More states reporting restrictions in place. Ahead of the July 4th weekend, For example, Delaware is closing beach bars on Friday with an assist from a government stimulus package during the pandemic stops completed their best quarter in more than 20 years and food banks bracing for a second wave of demand related to Corona virus, layoffs and furloughs. What's happening hooping for being demand that they've never seen before. And these air food think but have Around from for 30 years and before the pandemic one pantry, too. They were serving about 91,000 people a month that jumps about 123,000 people a month. Elizabeth Buchwald and Market Watch on how food banks expect higher needs. His federal unemployment benefits expire. The country's top infectious disease doctor

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