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See this type of weather comes through really hot. You get full friends come in, and suddenly we're in the midst of some pretty severe weather the severe weather, leaving a severe situation to clean up in parts of the buoy area this morning. Your long enterprise Road near Largo Community Church. The road is blocked after trees came down across it. Cruise in the distance, are trying to open up this artery again. Some cars are driving through the neighborhood deeds who are posted here, but others are just turning around a few miles north of here, a tree toppled through the roof of a home and into a bedroom near the W B and a trail. No one was hurt there since no one was home at the time along Enterprise Rodent Mitchellville, John Doman Wtlv News. Now we head over to W. T. O. P's Nia long Einstein. He is in Arlington. Here's an example of the power of the storm near where the Waverly Hills and Cherry Dale neighborhoods meet. This morning. Utah's street, which usually carries cut through traffic between Washington Boulevard and Lee. Highways, isn't doing that because a large tree and wires are stretched across the intersection. Neighbors around checking on the damage. Some have coffee. Others are snapping photos. It's expected that crews will be out later today to cut up the tree and deal with the wires that right now are draped across the intersection in Arlington, Neil Augenstein w T O P News. What exactly will the weather service crews be looking for? We asked lead meteorologist Brandon Rubin Oster this morning. We're going to look at exactly where the radar showed the strongest part of the storm. And then if I know repeal had damage and then call it the code, locate those two things and then just piece together. It's almost like evidence in the common search. They're trying to piece together what we saw on our radar versus what the damage that was observed at the ground. The National Weather Service says it should have a report later today and what we do know about those storms already, as they were powerful enough to knock out power for tens of thousands of people across this region. Now in Maryland, Prince George's County has slightly more than 3000. Customers with no Power and about 4000 customers without power in Anna Randall County in Montgomery County. More than 700 residents have no service, and both Pepco and BGE have crews working to restore power to the district about Pepco reports. Almost 600 people are in the dark. And in Virginia Dominion Energy says both Fairfax County and Arlington County have over 3000 customers with no electricity. Keep it here on W T. O P is always and will stay on top of this until everyone's power has Has been restored up next We'll tell you what's in the latest government jobs report just out. It's 8 34 when other dealers are saying no Jack Taylor's Alexandria Toyota is saying Yes, this is w. T. O. P's Jack Taylor and my friends. They're saying yes to inventory. Yes to discounts and yes, to giving you more money for your trade than you ever imagined. In fact, if you still owe 34 or even six months.

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