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About what's next for the Broncos, and they're new GM. Whoever That'll be, you guys the Broncos new general manager Search begins in earnest as they raised five other teams to feel the same job. The Texans found their man last night because area has been Bill Bill checks right hand man in New England for over a decade. Broncos head coach Rick Fangio told Logan and Louis yesterday. What the most important thing that he wants in a GM to replace John Elway is I think the most important thing is his ability to evaluate players and see where they fit within the team moving forward. You know, that's his job number one, you know, to build the 53 man roster that's cohesive, logically, Finch based upon schemes and you know the be able to put that together using all avenues of the brothers have five interviews already scheduled. That number could more than double this team president joyless indicated they would leave no stone unturned. Ellis also said diversity would be a factor. In a potential new hire. Citing that 75% of the rosters. African American. Of the five initial candidates, both Champ Kelly and Terry Fontinot are black. Kelly worked for the Broncos from 2007 until 2015 and was with Fangio for four years in Chicago, where he currently serves as the Bears assistant director of player personnel. Fighting has been with Saints for 16 years and is their assistant general manager. The three other candidates George Payton, Vikings assistant GM Dave Spy Tech who began his career with the Broncos from 2010 to 2012, but no in New England since then, and Brian Start the Broncos director of college scouting, the Nuggets were 1 23 1 16 winners over the visiting T Wolves last night. Nicole Yokich led all scorers with 35 points and 15 rebounds. His head coach Michael Malone, said he thinks seeking the league's MVP. But the Joker isn't thinking about things like that. You know, Think about it. You know, I'm just thinking about the night did I think that Zen talent it needs to be And like when you think about the future, I think that gives you all the pressure that you're putting on yourself just looked even their record form for Thursday when they host the Mavericks. Devante Smith of Alabama becomes just the fourth White out all time and 1st 1991 toe in college football's Heisman Trophy is the best player in the country and the Pro Football Hall of Fame released its list of 15 modern era finalists yesterday, headlined by Peyton Manning. Broncos Ring of Famer John Lynch in Boulder native Tony Boselli are also finalists again. The final Five. Hall of Famers will be selected the night before the Super Bowl. February 6 Let's pour some Brandy crystalline came in his radio on the Broncos Bobs and Rocky's Daily News. Radio time. 8 46 right now, on Colorado's morning news Senate candidate Jonathan is declaring victory in Georgia. I will look forward to serving you in the United States Senate with integrity. With humility with honor and getting things done for the people of Georgia. No officials were media outlets for quite declaring it, though he is saying that he is calling for unity on beating the coronavirus. The next senator from George's thanking the people of his state for electing him. Senator elect Raphael Warnock says he's proud of Georgians for choosing him, he admitted there are many things to get done once he arrives in D. C but claims he's got a history of bringing folks together on a number of issues. Congressman Ken Buck, sending a warning to fellow Republicans who plan to object to the certification of the results Later today in an op ed in The Washington Post Post. The congressman says there's no constitutional provision for rejecting the electors. He adds that while he shares concerns about election irregularities, the actions of objectors could threaten the future of the Electoral College lottery system is being used that you see healthy give elderly patients the Corona virus vaccine. This man says he got an email last week telling him when he could get inoculated said You want to take the vaccine? Yes,.

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