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Trump's name might, not be on the ballot paper in November but he is. Planning on campaigning aggressively ahead, of the midterm elections Some of his own, party or privately. Worried that the divisive, president could encourage just as many Democrats to vote as Republicans allu- others are jumping on board the Trump train everyone knows my husband Ron to Santa's is endorsed, by President Trump a Republican candidate running to. Be the governor of Florida, is using all familiar Trump catchphrases instance campaign on, the wall even sing building a wall with his? Child people say Ron's all Trump but he is. So much more bigly, so good but will that kind of message appeal to voters it's definitely Trump supporters versus the elite of America both Republicans and Democrats although I would say less Republicans now coming this midterm because Trump has really taken the Repub, Republican party under his own Lang under his own image and reshaped On the campaign trail with President Trump that was Chris Buckler reporting from the US state of Florida You're listening to NewsHour from the BBC on Julian Marshall In March twenty sixteen former warlord and vice president to the Democratic Republic of Congo Jean-Pierre Bemba stood in the dock of the international criminal court in the Hague and heard this, verdict in light of the evidence analyzed as a whole the phone beyond reasonable doubt that Mr Ben based criminally responsible under article twenty eight a for the crimes against, humanity of murder number and the war crimes of murder rape and pillaging committed in the territory of the Central African Republic by DMC forces in. The course of two thousand to two thousand three operations but Mr Ben but was cleared on appeal in may and today, off to more than ten years in exile in prison he arrived back in the. DRC was greeted by thousands of his supporters at Kinshasa.

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