Cern, Darth Vader, White House discussed on Duncan Trussell Family Hour


You know he's been he's evolved or or devolve however you want to say it you know years ago he was this um men's rights activists right and then and then and then you know that wasn't quite working out forum wasn't getting enough money so he evolved into this game or gate guy you know part of that whole movement which i don't totally understand but i i mean i know he's not into video games at all but he just kinda you know made himself part of that movement and managed to trick enough people into taking him seriously that he is is stature rose and then trump came along and that's he he gave rise to a lot of these guys and yes endorsed them and put them into a bigger light and i mean you got don jr endorsing cern of its michael flynn um you know of kellyanne conway all these all these people in there i mean trump know retweeting that guide that jack sobek i am so there's just giving all these hateful people a bigger platform but you know hate that thing is like that i guess so okay so when i'm picture like i don't i'm trying to think of some hateful bike archetype so let's take like darth vader right this guy's fuck and smart he's evil looking he's wearing this sleek fucking outfit he is intelligent and focused in the ferry isen and destructive and that's kind of how i i always have pictured my evil people is being you know let here year right now we're running and again i don't to be honest like i don't even know if these people were evil like i thought their mit they're they're miss so they're misguided or something but the the caught this stuff that there i guess what i'm saying is if we look at the white house you know i don't know if these still doing it but for a while the white house is putting out these shitty videos remember them like sought somewhat ilyasova the they're so funny there were like are you talking about.

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