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All we have to do is look inside and be authentic and everything will be all right and that that liberal versus conservative divide or internal versus external. You're trying not trying. Is this common faultline. Uc look at him in chinese. It appears again and again. And i can't help but i'm i know we touched on this already but it seems to me that it'd be very difficult to be a good taoist and a good theoretical physicist. Because it's not just going to happen. You're not just gonna like relax into coming up with the right model of dark matter or something like that you really. It seems to me like you really have to try. 'em missing a nuance there. Yeah yeah but one way to solve that problem or at least contextualized. It i think taoism is best understood as a reaction to confucianism rather than a coherent model in itself. So understood that way you have to get trained in theoretical physics. You have to do a lotta trying but if you wanna have a really genuine new insight into theoretical physics you need to stop trying. Got any need to be more like the dow is so so. That's the way i've always understood them is as a. You can't have just complete not trying. it's not how humans work but if you see. The dow is position as a corrective to the excesses of trying or the excesses of relying on the prefrontal cortex or on tradition or on. Writing or logic is starts to make it starts to be more plausible than it actually Very plausible it mean to be a good theoretical physicist even requires a little bit of Being so into it that ideas come to you know algorithm for finding the ideas right now. It's now mysterious. And maybe that's a good sort of final point to make et as we wrap up here bringing it back to the present day since we've done good all chinese thought in an hour let's do all of modern neuroscience and psychology in in five minutes and you can tell me You know is..

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