Harvey Weinstein Survivors Awarded $19 Million Settlement


York State's attorney general and lawyers have reached a tentative settlement in the class action lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein and his former company. It would create a fund worth nearly $19 million for plaintiffs who alleged sexual misconduct by Weinstein was aided by the Weinstein company. NPR's Andrew Limbong reports the settlement is getting mixed reactions from some accusers. A statement from Elizabeth Fagan, whose law firm represents a number of the accuser says the settlement was the culmination of years of hard work by survivors and quote a victory for all women in Hollywood. But lawyers Douglas Wigdor and Kevin Minter, who also represent a handful of the accuser's criticized the agreement, saying it lets Harvey one scene avoid accepting any responsibility or paying any of his own money. A federal judge still needs to approve the deal, but it would allow claimants to receive anywhere between 7500 to $750,000 depending on their experiences. Weinstein is currently serving a 23 year prison sentence for rape. Andrew Limbong NPR news

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