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Barnes foundation along umbro in philadelphia home to the world's largest collection of renoir paintings the artist son is the focus of a new exhibition steve towel just back from a preview walk through with us in the studio steve what stood out to you well it's an insider's view steve of the artistic exchanges between the renowned impressionist masterpieces goose renoir and his son the celebrated filmmaker jean renoir curator sylvie patrice says visitors will no doubt pivot between paintings and cinema exits and the senate boost a significant role indesit but teresa's there are universal themes that play besides how each experimented with new modes of image making an expression how you did with your father especially when it's well we need some major major artist how you find your way how you create a new art and you artistique expression dr albert barnes steve acquired one hundred and eightyone paintings by the father john renoir born in eighteen ninety four and died in nineteen seventy nine i have to ask you about this you have a mini movie review well these movies were a spectacular to watch their so vibrant john renoir best known for films such as grand illusion in nineteen thirty seven it's a tale of how frenchman from all walks of life banded together to escape from a german pow camp and even better one a day in the country john warr even appeared in it and directed about a cities family picnic and the french countryside shot in nineteen thirty six but released after the war nineteen fortysix towel with this opera photos roundup thank you you bet news time fifty two traffic and transit on the twos things are moving very slowly on the schuylkill expressway we've got a work crew that's on the vine east is so that's why the schuylkill is messed up it's west from university into the vine street expressway and then east from montgomery all the way to the.

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