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Rhode island's are you ready for change perry your hosts mike collins and chris maxwell bela on of the deal good afternoon folks push maxwell here on a flying solo this afternoon we'll by my launch so but i do have the uh the one and only crystal adams along with me so we'll have some fun today our condolences to honor of uh for those who don't know mike lost his brotherinlaw recently in they're paying their respects and today so condolences ought to the counts family mike a patty in his uh his motherinlaw's sowa the so i will be leading you through a today for the next hour uh again chris maxwell uh got a great show um we're going to have uh peter van busy join soon shortly after they t that up a follow by gubernatorial candidate pat morgan uh who's gonna join us about the 230 hour a crystal are you bomb cyclone doubt it is now a problem never let me can i tell you my bomb close cycle sorry yeah all right so i've been i've been in naples last couple of days supposed to be back from my daughter's birthday yesterday uh flake cancelled out of fort myers so i jumped on the next flight that i could figuring out get the baltimore was comes a worse i will drive up which is the case i arrived about one o'clock in baltimore to find out the my flight was effect cancelled all flights that i have no possibility of anywhere they've every place i coulda gone cancelled so i was smarter than ever when i rented a car on the road to o'clock heading up route ninety five at two thirty p m in the afternoon i stopped and i began rolling again at two a m this morning and got home aslan a night he now a gig uh in the car a last night's slalom bomb workman fueled so thorough as hutu daily lesson good music i.

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