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Bitcoin Halving Over


And get yourself some fifty percents off bitcoin. We'll delights cry. You're on the treadmill Kryptonite podcast heist and I'm GonNa take you. Through a couple of things that happened have an audit caused the biggest thing the coining of Yip. Yip Yip Yip. She's over. And what does that mean? Well Jeez only time will tell but I can tell you one thing for my point of view right now at some. It's nice to have it out of the way you know what I mean. Like it's been sorta hanging on for long. John loaded winding things to occur and finally it's actually happened so Well I me about the white and say of course voice in the past is we've seen Take things off the harvesting it one of them into digital thirty percent before then putting on two thousand percent on another occasion we consolidated for a little while before also putting on something ridiculous. Remember what the number was. But certainly it's behind is now and whatever is do happen can now happen because we don't have to think about it anymore. It is gone over and done with the four was so used to guy so well done for a stop between a magnet. This two later third having so well done and thank you for the memories nevertheless if you're a startup will not looking for try. I pity you feel sorry for you. Got a good Tom Anyway. Actually so don't feel sorry for had fun because nothing had you know. The rain washed either. The markets guys. That went up went down. It went all over the place and it still doesn't look like it has any more certainty at there at the moment. It's a marketplace right. Now the guy to continue to stay off. It's not one that I think is going to provide me with the best opportunities that can get really and You know until I say exactly what I WANNA say I'm really not too interested. You know what I mean. I'm just I'm just not too interested at all familiar right now. I'll tell you a couple of things. The top ten bitcoin tonight thousand two hundred thousand set out in twenty four dollars. Is that what went on the session right now? Not much going on still caught messy. Their improved wore ninety nine eleven. It's up one point. Seven two percent not much happening. There always time to gain some momentum leading into the afternoon here in Australia X. Up a point six cents up one point. I dissent very ugly radio which BITCOIN CASH. There's a level two thirty nine sixty. It's gone up point. Two percent to thirty five seventy five but admitted that dog to me BS Vase Bodhgaya throughout the session at sitting at one adding on spot forty appoint full one of the percent lot coin flat struggling at forty three little bit of resistance just prior to it. It's up one point. Six percent forty two twenty one to forty four two dollars forty four that as one point five six percent up to tonight bond starting to get a little bit more momentum catch up to the next one and not shot which is the largest movie in the top ten fifteen thousand forty two cents up two point three percent for the die in the biggest movie today the only one that's has somewhat of the trend is Donna. It's up six percent of five cents right now. Rounding out the top ten two more to go theorem classic up one percent. Six thousand eight cents in Toronto at full so I won't point full. Three cents represents a two percent gain full night so guy pretty slow out there at the moment. Keep your head right. Did you really expect targeting would happen in. Bitcoin would just take off because if you lady bitterly disappointed because the case at all Charlie Brown were sitting in waiting. We are waiting for something to happen now. There are days when there's lots of jobs on. We've got a lot of work. Doing those days has tried to at his visits where? There's nothing to do when it comes to trading saw Bo all that saw it and there's nothing to do with the mind because there's no good trends and it goes. I'm a trend follower. I know that if there no good trends are not willing to try I can do other things and that's exactly what I've been doing so I'm GonNa go check. The surf have.

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