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A by senator tom cotton a republican from arkansas who's big key ally of the president on national security matters according to the white house plan mr cotton has signalled that he would accept the job if offered said the officials who insisted on enmity discussed sensitive deliberations before decisions are ounce so why do they like tom cotton well for the most obvious and consistent reason here's a quote from orders sees a staunch trump ally if when trump is doing a job interview number one through nine priorities is how much do you kiss my ass and tom cotton is excellent at that there's actually is expertise as his main claim to fame is if you're daughter i will kiss your ass if you're defence contractor i will kiss urus if you're in the president donald trump oh my god is going to work on you so trump loves this thing goes oh tom cotton this guy won't stop kissed my i this is puzzling i'll make making the cia director of the cia where i could maybe manipulate some intelligence to tell you that i don't have a connection with russia and they didn't interfere in the life now whether they go that far is up for discussion tom cotton in the passes somewhat lukewarm response to that but has said trump seems sorry russia's seemed to have played a role in 2016 election but there is one of those things that they might want to fix in terms of intelligence of the cia if you will and that is the issue of going to war with the wrong but hold one more note about tom conned before we got to the iran issue which i think is the most important what does he think about some turbe practices at the cia has done in the past well loves it he said quote waterboarding is torture.

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