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Today in the pain relief, violent WalMart CVS and Rite Aid Walgreens pharmacies or theraworxrelief dot com. Josh appel, former Chicago Doug quake with you. Seven to go in the first quarter. Baltimore Ravens puppet on their first possession at Pittsburgh. Get the ball. First starting at their twenty yard line going from left to right. And we talk about that third down play of the possession for Baltimore. Joe? Flacco plenty of time with the pocket had grabs open. I doubt inaccurate pass. And that's hard but growing frustration in Baltimore with Joe flacco. Sure is that you can see why the fans are upset because that was an easy pitch and just play one on by that is the quarterback tight assembly. Throw it to a spot the receiver wasn't even running. It would have been an easy. I doubt flacco one for four on that opening drive. With the way the Steelers offense scores points can't afford too many misses like that. Better office for the Steeler offense. First and ten of the twenty out of the shotgun back to pass outlet to the left. It's caught by James Cotter, who's at a monster. Last couple of weeks Levy sideline of the twenty five picks up five yards. Patrick a lawsuit. Forced it out his second five after the gain of five James Connor last week. One hundred twelve yards from scrimmage a couple of touchdowns. He's rushed for at least one hundred yards in two touchdowns in three straight games. I feel are ever to do that. And the first NFL players Chris Johnson did it in two thousand nine second and five at the twenty five Rothlisberger. Shotgun Connor off his right hip. Rothlisburger hands off the Connor cutting right after I I'll pass the thirty at rumbling up. A thirty two yard lot to gain of seven before Eric Weddell made this a first down for the Steelers who needs lay beyond bail. When James Connor is playing what he's doing a heck of a job. I mean, really exerting his will on his ravens defense depressive how he's just simply one from toddlers on that Dr. This has trips bunch to the right James Washington along the left hotter. Still the tailback Alan toenail route emotion right to left off. Thurston said. Handoff Connor right side. Trying to get the Eddie does thirty five forty down the right sideline into ravens territory and pushed out of bounds. The Baltimore forty three yard line gain of twenty five yards for James, Connor. Darius smith. Finally, made the stop, and it's a I doubt Pittsburgh three plays and they're already in Baltimore territory while you gotta really love corner. I mean, he not only runs with authority, but he's got a great eyesight. Once he gets over outside the edge in terms of finding in determining those holes around through. Rothlisberger has gone out of the shotgun on all four plays. So far this drive this play number four. Conor has gotten a touch on all three by accident. Connor here Rothlisberger tried to set up a screen. Advance McDonald right around the line of scrimmage on the right side. And it was broken up almost intercepted. Darius Smith got his Pov on it. Not the down a second and ten that. The Baltimore forty two. Really? It looked like it was supposed to be a screen, but the receiver would look like he was about four yards away. It could he almost been a handoff. Not very well executed by the Pittsburgh Steelers that earlier Russia twenty five yards for James was his eighth of twenty yards or more this season. That's the most in the NFL. Let's see if he gets the ball here on second in the Baltimore, forty two all the right hash Rothlisberger in the gun. Back to pass off brings Brasher rothlisburger. Pops wanted to go deep now he lost to is. Right throws towards the right side. Nobody in the area that the twenty yard line, Terrell suggs provided the pressure. No intentional grounding, though. And it's third and ten the forty two is really interesting Josh because the Steelers sent to receivers deep, but the ravens had three defenders back there. They were not going to be overtaken advantage up on a long, Bob. But there was nobody in that, you know, media raged. So I'm not sure who the quarterback was looking at this is the number one scoring defense number one total defensively NFL. Doubted ten for Pittsburgh, Baltimore, forty two. Crowd on their feet here in Baltimore hand off to Connor up in the middle of the forty days inside it with a thirty eight yard line. That's not going to be enough for the first down its fourth and six and now Mike Tomlin has a decision to make it looks like he's going to keep the offense out there. CJ Mosele with a third now tackle, but Pittsburgh is going to go for three for four on third down this season. Four thirty six. Baltimore thirty eight. Rothlisburger other shotgun receivers left and the right. Tailback? Rothlisburger changes the play how he backs out this might be. And it's going to be the left foot at low spiralling fielder by the eleven he might have to return to the twenty twenty and as brought out about twenty nine yard line. Eric went over the heads up play retreating field the punt from office burger, and he returned to eighteen yards for the twenty nine yard line. There's an injured raven. I will tell you. It is all the other side. No score the first quarter with nine twenty two to go. You're listening to the National Football League sports USA. We'll be back after these local messages. Six.

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