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Paranoid I'm not. CDW can implement a secure mobility solution using the H. feeling book with Intel eight generation processors ensure view privacy to protect your screen from prying eyes did you follow me here IT orchestration by CDW people who get it find out more at CDW dot com slash H. P. security. what was that dell has something extra for small businesses up to forty five percent off during their semi annual sale it's a perfect time to update to windows ten with huge deals on business computers featuring Intel core processors plus free shipping on everything Cole small business technology advisers who can help you achieve your business goals affordably with low monthly payments on the right tech for you just call eight seven seven by Dale that's eight seven seven by dell or visit dell dot com slash business deals for semi annual savings. it's a very stressful time when they're talking about protecting their assets and nobody wants to think about getting sick or passing away and it's just a topic that nobody wants to talk about this is Dan ray with Lauren Vaughn of the couple of advisory group discussing the tough conversations that are worth having as we get older or have families facing the high cost of elder care hi Laurie it's not hard to protect your assets is it it's actually very easy to set up a well you'd want to come in talk to us we need to know who you want to handle things we want things to go but without planning you could lose control over your hard earned assets if you don't have a will or you don't have a trust then the laws are gonna dictate where everything I have is going to go and it might not be what you really want well I know I want my assets protected you should too it's so easy to protect your family with help from the common wealth advisory group call one eight hundred seven oh five one four one five four you're no stress consultation that's one eight hundred seven oh five one four one five the common wealth advisory group this is Dan right I'm here with my good friend Barry Sloane the chairman president and CEO of century bank these days digital banking is everything from bill pay to direct deposit so Barry how do your technologies compare with other banks our goal is to ensure that our delivery platform is every bit as good if not superior to those of our principal peer competitors some people always wonder is my money really safe when I use all these new apps one of the advantages of dealing with century for so many of the digital services is that we stand behind all of them you're not dealing with some global nameless enterprise worried about where your money is we will stand behind it and make sure that your money is directed to the right place and with the support always of the FDIC peace of mind one more reason century is my family's bank and should be yours to century bank is a safe secure a member of the FDIC so visit San. three bank dot com we all got the app.

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