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There is something called the international council on active aging and they're putting forth active aging week and this is our top of the doctor Mandel this hour and active aging is just what doctor well active aging most people think of as physical activity but we want to promote spiritual activity we want to promote intellectual activity vocational emotional social civic community being involved with other people being fully participating in life to live as long as we live to live as long as we live as I say to put the long in longevity and and to die as young as we can at a ripe old age right yeah I think about that for a minute but I like it now good friend of mine says that it was Dr Walter Bortz and he said that as important as our lungs and kidneys and spleen and heart and all that is to our life moves far more important our our lay our physical well being but I want to show you a picture of a woman let's put this next slide out there she is Julia Hawkins is running a fifty metre race this year at the national senior games in Albuquerque New Mexico anyone who ran with her nose and Julia is a hundred and three years old got to the single best thing to slow down the aging process is physical exercise healthy eating lifestyle attitude yes yes yes but in activity not aging reset again in activity not aging is the real reason so many of us experience inevitable I put that in quotes declines in energy and health as time passes the younger you feel the longer you live researchers said when you ask somebody how old do you feel and they say well you know I feel about fifteen twenty years younger than I am those people live longer than people say I just feel who are from seventy forget it and she's a hundred years old and she's running like that so there that to me is what part of active aging week is about to highlight and celebrate whole heartedly wonderful role models now some people look at that and say I thank can't do that and other people go like wait a minute I can which do you think which mindset you think helps to live longer yeah it's obvious so the question that Walter Bortz MD gerontologist professor at Stanford University facet of the very famous book is do you dare to live to one hundred watch this slide he says that dare stands for diet your attitude how much you continue to renew yourself socially an exercise you see that bell shaped curve okay so most people sort of live are born they live in they got to the top of that curve they have is a little decline and this law they they they live a short and dialogue that's wrong he says a middle aged between forty and eighty an old ages eighty two hundred think about that we think middle ages forty and that's it but he's saying no middle east coast until you're eighty years old two years all could be considered middle aged by isn't that a positive wonderful way to look at life instead of this bill shaker you know you you're born you live in a long death he says it works like this you have this line across the top you're born you live you laughter love you learn a hundred years old for your call and then you die that's that's that's interesting well it also if you give up the label of your age I think instead of succumbing to aches and pains gaining weight losing out on on activities with friends if you succumb to that that's what's going to age you exactly what you're talking about that's why the language we use is very important we don't see seniors where is it I'm seventy years old or older Americans older than whatever it may be okay there's nothing wrong with that term what we think about that term sometimes can be a problem let me show you my next slide about optimism I think that this is amazing because research shows that optimistic people people who have expectations of good things are gonna happen that the future is favorable because one can control important happens was we have faith in the lord that optimism is related to eleven to fifteen percent longer lifespan on average and to greater odds of being an ex having exceptional Ingevity living to eighty five how would you like to have a fifteen percent longer lifespan that's pretty significant that's impressive right so that means change the way you look at things like you've been saying let's look at it differently I have this he can paint having a bad day doesn't mean you have a better life having an ache doesn't mean forget on that old they're crappy decrepitude is a choice I'll just stay home on the couch which is the worst thing the worst thing if you're still on the couch stand up sit down stand up sit down I love invited into respective a few years ago someone smart out there made just a catch phrase that sitting is the new smoking over a number that is the essence because they really wanted to pinpoint how bad for you sitting is and you can't just sit all week and try to work out on the weekends and and and reverse it you really need to keep it up we this is our site is came to me we take our dogs for a walk okay no I'm not comparing grandma grandpa two dogs what what what what our grandchildren come is it a problem Michael let's go for a while usually I say let's go for a run I am a grandmother is a fitness trainer my wife so we we push that I have another acronym because you know every week I like to bring acronyms let things to help us remember my last acronym is being healthy and connected with that says for healthy H. E. A. L. H. E. A. L. T. H. Y. healthy choices every choice you make the book of life is yours to fill so when you decide what you're going to do in that eat wisely I didn't say you know six seven different things in your in your menu but he wisely activity including social life's little goals every day have a goal true rational thinking we lived too short we die too long doesn't agree is long as were health literate so make sure you're taking care of yourself and have a yes I can and positive attitude I think if we can do all those things Amy and long life is ours the optimism is everything and I think that's probably why you don't need to have you know one of the most renowned cognitive behavioral coaches in the world right here every week I thank you for bringing this to us thank you for having us in that pre shift happens initial council on aging a chance to share this.

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