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Leads. Colorado Springs, Ryan Kaufman, Roland Varga, sh Back with you and some news made in the USL championship. Did this have to do with the switchbacks, beating Austin bold role in that they have a new head coach? Yeah. Ryan Thompson, the first Jamaican full time head coach, I will say with an Asterix obviously Waldy Harris, who took charge of the switchbacks, part on a part time basis after the departure of Steve Ter Chubut, Ryan Thompson. Former great at the University of Tampa. The Spartans down there getting the job in Austin, so it's going to be exciting what he can do to see if he can make a late season push with the Austin board. And Marcello Serrano is, uh, moving. I suppose up in the organization. He's going to become the sporting director for that franchise, so Certainly history being made in the USL championship with the appointment as of Ryan Thompson as the head coach of Austin. Bold We are ready for the Second half of action switchbacks trailing by a score of 2 to 1. They're going to be moving left to right. We believe you have to see where camera one is. Uh, situated it will be left to right and did not forget which direction they moved in the first half. Mexico United will get us underway, though. Switchbacks defending the first base bag in the second half. Mhm. So Josh Suggs goal the difference right now. Looks like at least from the players that we can see that it's status quo to begin the second half, but we don't see the full field here. The guy that I would be watching is to shame Beckford after he took that spill right on his shoulder earlier, but he's out there. To start this second half in New Mexico United does get us underway in a long pass downfield to Devon Sandoval heads at once. Now twice and then Cleared out by Ronnie Argueta putting a stop to all that stuff. We wondered exactly what New Mexico United would do straight off of the Had our answer now get themselves to throw in on the near side. Switchbacks like I think you're just going to have to absorb a little bit of physical pressure from New Mexico United early in this happened and we'll see what they can do, but that's the exact wrong way to go about it. A penalty kick is going to be called Sandoval taken down referee points to the spot. Devon Sandoval getting in there with a couple of switchbacks defenders and The switchbacks are livid about it, but I don't think it's going to do much to change the mind of the referee As we get another look on the replay Devon Sandoval into the box marking Gila with the Challenge and Mark and Villa. I think Rightly puts his palms up. I know. Mm Yeah, I just know the worst possible worst possible start to a second half. Devon Sandoval. He's going to stand over this one. Face a broad re guez. Just waiting for Rodriguez to dry off those meds. He's making Sandoval wait a little bit for it. So Rodriguez versus Sandoval. New Mexico United looking to take a 31 lead Gamesmanship. Never heard anybody. So Rodriguez back in between the posts here. Devon Sandoval takes three steps back from the ball. Sandoval runs up, Takes it and scores 31, New Mexico with the lead Devon Sandoval. His fourth goal of the season and goes to give some love to the New Mexico fans in attendance. That's about as unsaveable as you can get with the penalty kick. A broad regains did the right thing. He guessed right went strong to his left hand side. But Sandoval put a little bit of air under that one. Hurled it imperfectly 31 New Mexico United they lead as the flares start to get lit there. Down in the 505. Little smoky down there Now. 31, which has been the scoreline in each of the last three meetings between these two teams here is obviously to helping. 31 does not end up being the scoreline here tonight. Yeah, not much. A bra dri guez could've done on that one. Sandoval got it Elevated just enough to get it over a broad redesignated est, right? But just Could not save that one. So now the switchbacks with some work to do down by two goals. They are in a position they have not been in very often as of late trailing by multiple goals. As the foul is called on the switchbacks free kick given to Rashid Today and New Mexico United All that time we spend during the half time talking about how the switchbacks should come out, sort of absorb some pressure. 1st 15 minutes of barely even took 15 seconds in New Mexico United were down. They turned themselves to throw in. Get the penalty kick and they've got a free kick just outside of the 18 here for another file on Devon Sandoval, man reborn here in this second half, really throwing his weight around. He's taken some strong challenges. Went down. Under the pressure of that one. Referee blows the whistle again. New Mexico United have another set piece opportunity that the switchbacks going to have to be very keen on to defend it will be just to the right of a broad redesignated. Right in line with the No, maybe a little bit about 20 yards. We'll call it just a couple yards above the 18 yard box procedure Martinez and Josh Suggs standing over it. It'll be Martinez going right into the two man wall hits Thomas Amang goes to Michael's era in his shot. Ends up going wide of goal. So nothing doing there for New Mexico United score remains 31 49th minute down in Albuquerque will see if the switchbacks Can climb out of this whole God take it. One go out of time. And just put pressure on New Mexico United you've seen already tonight if you could put pressure on him, and you can earn yourself a goal. And they will be trying to do that here. In the second half ball ends up going out of the reach of the shame back furred throwing here for Josh Suggs. Mexico United sends that one downfield hops once twice now a third bounce to Jimmy Oxford, fires it into the feet of Devon Sandoval, who claims possession. Sandoval plays it back to Josh Suggs trying to receive the pass back out of his reach Michael Edwards on it. Those dudes left Jimmy Oxford. Go ahead room. I was just gonna say this is the kind of position we talked about it during that Austin bowl game. What, exactly Austin Bold wanted to do when they were able to score their goal. They wanted to hold on and play defensively. This is just perfect. This is meat and drink for the way that New Mexico United are set up to get their banks and behind the ball make themselves very difficult for the switchbacks to break down. This is going to be a real uphill task, but the switchbacks have the exact players that you would want going forward with, among with Haji Barry with Dashain Beckford. They've got the speed. They've got the quality. Now it's all about using that and seeing if they can draw New Mexico United out and are able to get some chances against them. Because this is right where New Mexico United wants to defend with a couple gold elite. Michael Edwards sends it to the near side for Sebastian Anderson Anderson back to his left for Michael Edwards up to Anderson just shy in midfield over to Ronnie Argueta. Argueta up to Haji Barry. Guy get Haji more involved in the run of play. I would think long pass to the far side and a whistle for offside. Michi Galina just a little bit too far ahead of things..

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