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For your time sir you're certainly work and want to share with you the comments by the navy secretary richard spencer he pointed out in an event today that since two thousand eleven in his words we have put four billion dollars in a trash can put lighter fluid on top of it and burned it he's referring to that fourbilliondollar is because of what's known as the cr these continuing resolutions which as bumped usec said at the top of the program continues to kick the can down the road in terms of longterm budget planning here's more from today's event here in washington it's interesting times there were living in as the chinese fortune cookie always says but i'd like to to to kind of address with this group who i know in looking here you've been enduring endorsers of national security and forceful advocates for a strong navy marine corps team and i want to address my thoughts on how we're gonna take this institution going forward i'll pause and give you an update right now it's already started out to be a good week in the pentagon which doesn't mean that that's gonna keep on the same trajectory but today certainly as a nice day because i swore in the new under secretary of the navy thomas modeihly tomorrow i get to swear in james honda girts as the assistant secretary for our dna and i think we're really uh putting me on a frame that is really going to carry the organization forward in a very positive trajectory i think one of the first things we do when we address the topic of national security is acknowledge that we are a commercial nation were merit time nation we benefits from the eu's we benefit from the see lanes that are open for commerce and we are a protector of those sea lanes we have a responsibility to provide security and contribute.

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