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Then wrote later on that I was forty five minutes late to the debate when in fact I was forty five minutes early but here is his introduction of Mr Coakley at this time we'd like to introduce our second debate and brother Stephen Coakley is a natural is a nationally renowned artist activist researcher lecturer with an unrelenting focus on the enemies of the global African community brother Coakley call click skews me as a former special assistant to the mayor Chicago and has served on numerous the board of numerous organizations including the Chicago NEC P. he's been a featured lecturer at the university of Minnesota university Kansas UCLA university L. noise our university campus university Morgan state American Georgetown and Notre Dame universe name a few by the Coakley has appeared on CNN crossfire Sunday morning with Charles Kuralt make nearly a report Morton Downey show amongst others he has research and lectured a wide spectrum of topics such a secret society the New World orders political assassination centralization a world power and crisis on black leadership would like to introduce you to live an uncensored brother Steve called some reaction and the reaction I received.

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