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Ask for yes please stop you've gone rule the U. S. for the correct car so that's up to you I can't help that bill dressing gulch Belgium Galt's gulch Michigan five hundred gold gold is that where it is and if you wanted to know I've been a loyal listeners this year one but I have to say that the shows over the past ten weeks and especially show twelve fifty have been pure F. ing good thank you and keep up the great work you're welcome thank you very much next on the list is Sir Nevile James in north Lamitan New South Wales five hundred a few shows back at a mention this show of from ABC Australia that may have a hidden agenda probably not hitting the ABC TV and radio which stands for Australian broadcasting company is fully funded by Australian taxpayer dollars and has a charter that decrease fair and balanced reporting any agenda is left and acted as though so it all it no one else after that you do when you get free money become a lefty the ABC reports like big median American on many of the same issue CNN ABC NBC many presenters and guests are activists course evidence in fact what kind of a job as I am here she has Joan Jett Joan and she's an activist he says activist under under do you recall if there were you recall on that one of those mass letters were two thousand people signed on and said we think it's it's okay for people to protest despite corona virus and one of the titles was African American literally here's one goal African American in evidence in fact see continued in use are a minor issue unless it is then left the narrative the ABC is super critical of trump using Democrat evidence F. de cores and is there a Packer supported tax on conservative women in the indigenous women are conservative government with his closet lefties art which is what we have to make the area closet lefties which caused trouble our calories and do not do anything despite being constantly attacked by presenters I will let you guess on where the ABC sit and report on the current protests black lives matter and antifa Australia yes not organized but designed to foster alien anyway tell judges also black lives matter it's and it's not it's no longer about American a white cops killing black American people now to tell local hours are now it yeah now it's all local yep Nancy Nichols is next on the list three thirty we have by the way our list is top heavy today we want to thank everyone for helping us through thirty three dollars and thirty three cents in Waco Texas thank you the donations did well without Karen involved thank you and keep doing what you do to keep us educated inform shot to my amazing boyfriend don who introduced me to the Texas chili parlor and no agenda decides both every day on many fronts and inspires me to do the same sounds like a great guy Nancy thank you very much for a supporting the the work here three thirty three thirty three also comes in from Sir Sir les R. les Ron does stand in does then Alabama is that right yes ma'am yeah but is it the name of the town his last name at all right now have a C. I. maybe call maybe he calls himself I think so hernia is Sir an essay our name congratulations thanks for the information and entertaining shows to the plague peaceful protests P. O. four deaths and more fire L. I. on this show quite a bit counter thoughts to the sink media information except the material referenced my only request is jobs karma for the many needing work that's very kind of you Sir earlier in Dothan Alabama jobs jobs jobs and.

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