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And it is so wonderful to hear you and your show so i want to state that first secondly as i'm listening kid dr narrow and all the colours i have three ideas keep going through my mind and i want to put them out there and and seek your comment on them we have one minutes ago had okay first vetting what to say that people want look you in the tell the truth basically lied their way through and then once they get past the vetting do it they darn well pre second of lay thinking of tournai can the other caller was referencing the i think he's vietnamese refugee here in massachusetts at that they come here they pass pelvic test and then they get radicalized online and land play nine eleven was committed by those who overstay their view that and i'm not hearing anything in the national discussion about our need to address that who that's an important point because it's obviously not just with nine eleven which is bad enough but it's an endemic problem here i think it's forty percent of illegal aliens in this country are on overstayed visas forty percent thanks for calling in appreciate it and we're gonna come back with a guest on immigration law to find out what we're going to do if we can't do anything to change things 130 is at the voice of boston w r k o w rko the voice of boston the president condemns yesterday's terror attack good afternoon amid denied wor koa news president trump says he would consider sending the new york city attack you to guantanamo bay cuba before a cabinet meeting at the white house today the president call the attacker an animal and he suggested that he got into the us because of a lax immigration consistent we want a merit based program where people come in god based on merit and we want to get rid of chain migration president wants to call on congress to cancel diversity lottery program and the president will announce his selection to lead the federal reserve tomorrow president didn't offer any hands but he called current fed chair janet yellen excellence a check traffic now dave gardner both sides of storrow drive have some delays approaching any 'longfellow bridge because of continued road work and.

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