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Happy Halving!


What happened over the weekend. We'll apart from me going fishing and killing so as Diane Fall Off Mana Moon did the World Alana. Lot of good fill the Fisher people out there anyway. It was just of wool. Maimings moon rising over the ocean with Nice Flat Seas and a full time the perfect combination and I loved it anyway to the market sought would also going to we sort of course. Bitcoin have a tumble on. Let's be honest here. It had more than a bit of a tumble which fell a lot faster than what I thought it was going to do. Now Island ten think too much seem like a weird thing. Disable a dime tribal assay trade. What I think and right now that move from the highly hide On for those We pulled back. We pulled back off rejected ten thousand. We pulled up twenty percent from that to roughly one something around that Soda Faiza Net. Is that concern me? Well not really not really. It's not the hugest pullback it did spark it also happened of a fifteen minutes. That's what's a bit fishy to me. That big spot. That happened It does count them. I make it a little bit. Funny bought where it's holding That doesn't concern me so much. What does concern me is that we've got the event going in the next twelve hours. All sorry twelve thousand. Twenty minutes is and for me. I'm going to be sitting put okay. I'm not going to be actively trying. Normally we'll be on the health tribes and the reason. I'm not going to be doing that is because I don't know what's going to happen nephew on already. Owned my free subscription lists and. You should be because I'm telling you right now. It's about to go out. And what you gotTa do is so signed up going to TRY TO CLUB DOT COM. I go to the freight till section sawn up there and you'll get the emails twice awake from us. They goes on content. That you don't get anywhere else. Ottawa size. This we saw in on the Non July two thousand sixteen. It fell off the run up about eighty percent this time round from the lives. We've had a hundred and sixty percent run because we had that massive full bitcoin Forty thirty five percent Then we since size lies backup ought sixty percent or is the thing from there. We continued full thirty percent after the harvest so we went up. Eighty percent the fellow filthy. We went twenty down. We went thirty down and then after that thirty which climb all the way to seventeen thousand. Yeah there was some blitz along the way but overall it pretty much an option Nara wind back again got a two thousand twelve the dight twentieth November same thing. Bitcoin prospect that was about eleven fifty a very different market not many participants at that stage of course but it was a mock of which we did say a guy not a great deal. Go on until the evening and then we started to see that trend really gained some momentum so in the possibly say laid up to a Hoffman which we saying this time we saw in two thousand sixteen and we saw more or less in two thousand twelve. But it's the aftermath of the hardening. The really does capture are tension and having being tomorrow with harding site. Being tomorrow. This bodes well for a continuation to the upside of Bitcoin. But as a traitor on needed precise entry point a precise stop-loss and any targets on to work toward something. They didn't know the perimeters of the risk on that tried. If I'M GONNA risk certain amount of money in I wanNA know where a map and Always Long Against Perpetual contract on T. X. Long also on a theory of classic not with leading into the weekend and I was happy with both those tribes and not. They'll gripe interest have been very patient allows little period of trades that we've had an option of done quite well even though those two trades over the weekend stop me out for a combined two cent loss. Now I was happy having that trade on leading up to the having event. Now that'll be stopped. Out of those on not rolling dos again in Carlina white and see what goes on none Mary. Nothing goes on but on this going to take a few days. What you see what happens is a law googling going on out there about bitcoin hobbling events and that's very well understood. I mean that's just what happens so I'll be waiting watching. And seeing skying there could be further down. Saw The cubie further up saw. But this guy right here is going to not be trading learning going back in time and seeing what's happening today on that on the free video that's just gone out or about to go out and local do as this event occurs keeping it on exactly what happens. We'll all be selling my bitcoin. Now we'll be sending a theory. Mix Up also none none none at all but like I said on manage my risk and have all those individual ingredients come together to manage aintree. Stop-loss Taga I don't want to have any risks. It's not required right now on a sitting out. I'm waiting to see what goes on

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