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But again, they're not too worried the satellite rocketed into orbit in 2002 to study the sun. It was retired in 2018. Sports at 25 and 55 powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red Dave Preston game one of the battle of the bellway is in the books. Yes, the nationals get a shut up shut up by the Orioles one nothing held at just 5 hits and defeat O's starter dean Kramer strikes out 6 over 6 and two thirds innings manager Davey Martinez. Hit talked earlier with his fastball and then he went to a secondary pitcher's third time to the order. But he was around the plate. And when you need to get me through a lot of fastballs up and we chased a little bit, but as you see it on the 6, 7th and he had a lot left in the tank. I mean, he went from 94 he bumped it up a couple pitches to 97, so I thought he took the ball off. Ryan mount castle scores the game loan run, but doesn't drive then one. That means that he remains at 20 for the season on pace for one 91. Barely would break the record. Yes. We're doing it because we are doing it. NBA playoffs Boston beats Atlanta one 19 one O 6 Celtics take a two O series lead. Cleveland evens up their series with New York by taking game two Phoenix does the same thing out west of the Los Angeles Clippers, the league suspense Golden State for draymond green one game for stepping on the chest of Sacramento's de Monte sabonis in game two of their series warriors trail two games to none in that first round set. NHL playoffs game one wins for Tampa Bay the New York rangers, Seattle and Winnipeg, NFL commanders are in the first phase of off season workouts, meetings plus strength and conditioning. Maybe they're going to do

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