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That's women's patriot league championship lacrosse tomorrow. Noon eastern, nine Pacific and a twenty four hour home of CBS sports. I phones reopen cleared out wide open, you buzz. I'll get John before we wrap the show some thirty minutes from now eight five five two one two four two. Seven that's a promise. Couple of you have been good enough to tweet the show, and I'll give you the shout on tweets. I let me tell you bucks. Get the first basket of the second half. Or they get the first two points. I should say unto Toco makes a couple of free throws to tie things up at fifty six. So butts made nice run to get within two at the half. Now tied at fifty-six. John must have been filed shooting a trait because he's now shooting a third free trout, so very close, right? Start at second half, thirty seconds into after number two between the bucks and the south aches. They'd get this tweet. And again, if you wanna tweet anytime my mind, my twins always open, you should know that by now at Jodi McMahon J, oh, do I see a n I will take you tweets got this one from thirty two handicap that said Jodi, what do you think of tact T A C T is a live dog in this race? Tan to this question. I need to know what horse. He's talking about. There is no horse named and or spelled with the name tact in threes. There is a horse named Tacitus TAC. I t u s there is a horse named tax T A X in its race. I don't know what twenty means, but the towards the kind of tied to each other. And they just competed against each other and ran one two in the Wood Memorial stake here at New York and Cassidy's got the better of tax by a link of quarter. Now my explanation for that race is they both were trailing dying speed fatty slight advantage was a link the head of them his jockey decided to swing his horse wide to go around the dying speed whereas Tacitus jock. Why? Wisely just stayed behind and then ducked into the rail site got the short of the two trips, and I think the better of the two trips and that to me was the difference between the two wars and Lincoln quarter tacit. It's winning tax losing. If you go by the odds any early very bedding. You would think but the Tacitus beat taxed by twenty-five? Links Tacitus is your five to one co second choice, the favorite maximum security at nine to two improbable and Tacitus are both five to one. Ax is thirty seven to one skews me. He was only late. I have linked quarter by Tacitus. How is Tacitus the one in tax thirty seven to one. I don't know. But I hope these I'd stay as they are because that taxes wanted three horses that I do like in the race tomorrow. When we come back. I'll give you my three you can give me your choices who you like an a derby NBA basketball pick and choose what you want to discuss hit me up on the telephone lines in our final half hour. Eight five five two hundred two four two two seven. Join amac for Billy right here on CBS sports radio. Our update time. It's the Berman. Sports play. All right..

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