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Between Saudi Arabia and Russia. All news all the time right here on KCBS. We have some heavy traffic on the signal grade. Let's find out what's going on is we checked back with Kim, Do we ever so no grade slammed that looks like your Friday afternoon. Right there. No accidents. That's the good news. But North bound 6 80 in Fremont to write before South Mission Boulevard is crawling to North mission and a little better, But barely as you head downhill to the 84 interchange. I can see up ahead. You're right on. He's found 5 80 between Castro Valley Dublin is starting to To improve slowly. We've had several crashes. That's why it's so slow on the Dublin grade eastbound all the accidents, though it causes DeLay have been clear in Oakland case of his ways. That force says there's a crash on the Nimitz north about 80 right before seventh. Two cars in the center Divide one facing the wrong way that always slows the write down as people pass by to see what's happening in the South Bay. It's really jammed up on a on 2 80 south bound as you head into downtown. Not because of a crash made a brushfire very close to the freeway between tense and McGlaughlin. The fire is under control. In fact, I believe it's out, but traffic is backed up to Meridian. Expect delays South bound north pounds getting by Just fine. Next update at 3 58 on the traffic leader, KCBS. With the KCBS in Manzini Sleep World. Six day forecast years, KCBS and K p x five's Poul Hagen turned into a beautiful afternoon across the Bay Area except right along the coast, where the fog was still rather.

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