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Moderate in the como4 weather center i'm meteorologist shannon donald and currently we've got sunny skies and 78 degrees in seattle prosecutors say one man has caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to property in seattle with graffiti now he's accused of more vandalism while he was out of jail on bond como4's jeremy harris reports from the chinatown international district just on this block the name eager is painted multiple times on the side of buildings prosecutors say the guy behind this does it over thousands of times across the city of seattle his defense attorneys argued in court though what he's accused of doing may not be illegal the paint was still wet when a washington state trooper says they found casey cain vandalizing the walls of i five in seattle cain was in a jail jumpsuit when he was hauled in of front the judge to answer for the new allegations that he was out tagging while on bail for felony charges as serious this as type of charges it's not a violent offense it's a property damage a federal judge ruled last month graffiti law was unconstitutional and the city has vowed to fight that ruling the original charges against cain are state charges due to the amount of damage he's accused of causing with his paint both sides agreed they need to come back and figure out how the federal court's ruling will impact cain's case in Seattle Jeremy Harris como news as always you can expect a large police presence on the water around the sound heading heading into the fourth of july on lake union summer holiday crowds have a reputation for being large and festive but police has a calming effect there have been usual challenges alcohol restless behavior and violence the hours shorted at seattle area hot spots alky beach and golden gardens over safety concerns with heat in the forecast for the next few days a uw medicine doctor says one of the best things you can do to avoid problems is to drink a lot of water emergency medicine doctor daniel henning says you might not always feel the effects of higher temperatures on your body be on the lookout though for kind of excess thirst you where feel like you're you're needing to drink a lot that you're feeling a little bit weak or dizzy especially for people who are a older little bit feeling weak or dizzy you know if it gets more extreme you might see people acting more confused that confusion or disorientation is a definite sign of heat stroke when the body can't regulate its temperature own and when that happens you need to seek medical attention dr. King also just suggests avoiding heavy physical activities under the Sun and that you remember alcohol will add to it if you're dehydrated Northwest News time is 1239 hi billion for Frank lumber the door store more and more customers have been requesting taller doors for homes with taller ceilings if you've been trying to complete a house package and have found that it doesn't quite fit your budget it's time to call or visit us in Shoreline we currently have a large stock of 8 foot tall alder hemlock and maple closeouts in various styles we also have a large stock of standard height one and two panel naughty alder doors for that rustic look come the visit store that only sells doors also check us out online at Frank lumber .com when should you buy stocks when do you sell does it always feel like it's too little too late well what if there's a way to truly know how the market behaving is before the pros do you can with stockcharts .com trusted by thousands of online investors stockcharts .com has the charting tools and resources you need to make smarter investing decisions in just a few simple clicks you can make high -quality financial charts and sift through markets that quickly point you to the most promising stocks and funds start your free one -month trial today at stockcharts .com and now it's time once again to check sports from the Beacon Plumbing Sports Desk here is Joel Stern. the Mariners continue the three -game series with the Giants at Oracle Park Seattle comes off the Monday 6 Empson -5 right win -handers Chris Fluxent and Trevor Gott to the Mets in exchange for left -hander Zach Muckenhurn he made three relief appearances for the Mets this season will be sent to AAA Tacoma starter Bryce Miller has a blister on his right middle finger he goes on the 15 -day engine list retroactive to July 1st Miller is expected to rejoin the rotation after the All -Star break elsewhere Braves outfielder Ronald Lacuna Jr.

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