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Hello, and welcome to the officials. Are podcast keep sounding. I am joined by Brad Smith, Brad. How're you doing tonight? I am just pleasant. How're you just pleasant myself just wasn't going on here. John John D Long. How're you doing tonight? Think you guys use that word? Right? But I'm doing well. So are you just pleasant or not? Pleasant plus you're not. I'm well, I'm well. I feel like you're being argumentative and quite frankly it's triggering. Yeah, I don't tell me how to feel. Yeah, I'll tell you how to grammar. I don't want to know how to grammar. This is America twenty eighteen. I don't have to grammar. Lesser. So the Panthers played football game on Sunday. Boy, that was allegedly allegedly, played football game. Parents after the game, real quick to fun was that was a fun game. It was not very fun until he won like there is made it fun, negative if doesn't make that kick that as the worst game, we're gonna play all season like it's of enjoyment factor and what makes it so bad is literally everyone who roots for the panther. So at coming mile away, like we talked about that all week leading up to, you know, the giants are terrible. We're good. So that means that he lies gonna roast this on Sunday, and I even tweeted it out when when we didn't do something in the later in the game, I said, you know, we're gonna lose thirty one to thirty. Aren't we. And much ninety nine percent of the time that's what would have happened if not for Graham gonna we're not for that kick with one second left and would have been exactly that score. Did you did you guys ever see the lost play that happened after that go. 'cause we had to kick it off. Now, I don't think there was a play eighty. Let me pull up the play by play. We kicked off to the giants. They cut on my TV. They cut away and went straight to. Thins eagles believe it was until Monday that. Even all out of. Oh, no, Beckham Raina back like he caught it at the back of the end zone..

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