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Everybody in this opera is looking for something and it's something that I think really does apply to today's society the music for Porgy and Bess was written by George Gershwin and the opera was first performed in nineteen thirty five when George Gershwin his brother ira put it out into the world they insisted that all the principal roles to be played by black people because they wanted that in the nineteen thirties work be given to black people in quotes Sirius art in that way the show was stored as was the music the aria summertime it's been covered by everyone from jazz great Ella Fitzgerald to American idol winner fantasia is said to be the most recorded piece of music in history but it's another piece that has special meaning for angel blue my favorite song the show's definitely promised land maybe it's because I lost my keys I get really emotional because it's right this is the train isn't the station and you better get onboard cause it's leaving today that everybody joins it's that whole we'll have he's gone for now this is how I feel about my dad he's gone for now but I will see him again and every time I get to see I see Porgy and Bess maybe playing in new York's famous opera house but tomorrow audiences.

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